They’re Back.. Minecraft: From The Fog #5

They’re Back.. Minecraft: From The Fog #5

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rough draft of the modpack for those who want it.. (SUPER INCOMPLETE, PLAY AT UR OWN RISK, ITS VERY BUGGY)


main datapack used in the video:

main channel: @CxIvxn

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20 Responses

  1. Muhammad Abbas says:

    This may be one of the most bangin series on YT right now. And I’m all for it.

  2. Peepo says:

    Some tips for ur world:
    -For the villager breeder you need to get more beds cuz villagers will only breed if there are more beds than villagers, so make the breeder bigger
    -last episode it was actually the man from the fog who struck you with lightning because you climbed the ladder and he doesn’t like that
    But anyways thanks for this series man! I am enjoying it, ur energy mixed with this horror mod is truly something else!👀

  3. Envixity1 says:

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. If you want to keep the general look and feel of the Vanilla game, but with shaders, you should try “Sildur’s Enhanced Default” or “Complementary Shaders – Reimagined” (They’re both pretty customizable.)

    2. When you plan to add the cave dweller, try the “Cave Dweller Reimagined” mod with the “Cave Dweller Sound Overhaul” Resource Pack. It’s Horrifying, to say the least.

  4. Reilly Jack says:

    This man never fails to make me laugh and/or smile even on my worst days. I am so glad I found his channel.

  5. Ania Bye says:

    I always rewatch these videos when I’m bored or upset and it never fails to make me feel better

  6. Pixzl says:

    I am very invested in this series. I like that you are able to release these on videos consistently. Ik how long they take keep up the great work

  7. thepirateman493_YT says:

    This is the Minecraft Series of the year. Calvin’s energy along with all the awesome horror mods is so entertaining.

  8. Raymond_69 says:

    Some ideas:
    – A forge for the anvil area
    – A alchemist house for potions
    – A bunker so that you can try to fight the fog man
    – An open-core tower for enchanting
    – Barnhouse for animals + farm

  9. William Smith-Gander says:

    My favourite genre is watching people get absolutely jump-scared. The sound editing of this makes it so real and so scary and I love it. This has got to be just the best videos on youtube. Plus you are hilarious!

  10. Dmotley Dylan says:

    This series is absolutely amazing, and I’ll admit, some of these jump scares got me really good. Can’t wait to see what’s in store

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