Trixie Rates Your Trixie Halloween Looks!

Trixie Rates Your Trixie Halloween Looks!

Trixie rates the best and the worst of your Trixie Halloween costumes! Go follow @LanndonandLyric for more Trixie inspiration and @JaymesMansfield for all your wig tutorial needs!

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Editor: Nick Walker
Post Supervisor: Jess Stevens

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40 Responses

  1. Fajar Setiawan says:

    I love how Trixie refers Landon as the “other and better Trixie”. She’s just so humble. And her photo angle at 7:33 is hilarious 😂😂

  2. Fat Babe ASMR says:

    As someone with a giant Trixie portrait, I want a video of Trixie rating Trixie tattoos.

  3. Derek Kjar says:

    I painted a pumpkin for Ween at work… It is very inspired by Trixie and Deere… I named her Lisa Vanderpumpkin.

  4. goldfishies says:

    this reignited my inspiration to be a sheet ghost with trixie makeup on

  5. Stephanie Lynnette says:

    This is a big day for Trixie! But it’s a big day for jack-o’-lanterns too… 🎃

  6. Probably Hyperfixating says:

    Ahhhh Charmaine and Novympia!!!!! Olyimpia looks the most trixie out of the group

  7. Ethan Rowland says:

    The Novympia and Char collab we never knew we needed ❤

  8. Zytavis Parks says:

    When trixie does another lip that’s not a nude or nude pink it’s always a gag

  9. Kazuo Yumeno says:

    Yes! Charmaine Diamond White, Britain’s classiest, most beautiful, and best smelling queen, along with her two apprentices, Nova and Olympia!

  10. Liz Deanes says:

    Okay but the blending on the pumpkin 💅

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