This Is What Happens When a Psychopath Is Unleashed on Space – Space Trash Scavenger | Ad

This Is What Happens When a Psychopath Is Unleashed on Space – Space Trash Scavenger | Ad

This game has space, chaos, and conveyor belts. It’s actual space heaven.
Check the game out for yourself!
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This Is What Happens When a Psychopath Is Unleashed on Space – Space Trash Scavenger – Let’s Game It Out


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More about Space Trash Scavenger (from Steam):

In the 31st century, Space Trash Scavengers employed by ScavCorp roam the cosmos, risking their lives for riches amongst the debris of an ancient war.

Build your Space Rig–a 3D raft with artificial gravity, power, trash processing, farming and defense. Craft the everyday food, fuel, weapons, ammo and space suit upgrades you’ll need to survive out here in the vastness of the cosmos.

In space there is no up or down! Expand your base in any direction for the most efficient layout. Once you are equipped with the necessary fuel and a warp drive, you’ll be free to explore other sectors and continue your mission.

Circumnavigate tiny asteroids, fly between abandoned outposts, and board derelict spaceships as they orbit the system. Take caution, however, and remember to keep your jetpack fuel topped up–you’ll need it to get back to your Space Rig safe and sound!

Each salvage zone is a procedurally generated, dynamic, and ever-changing open world.

You are an employee for the galaxy’s number one waste disposal firm, stranded far away from home with a mission to clean the galaxy from the remains of a galactic war.Space trash is your main resource. Whether it is salvaged debris floating in space, advanced and rare tech from wrecked ships, or scavenged goods from asteroid surfaces, you’ll want to snatch it all up!

Recycle and refine it to produce valuable goods that will net a tidy sum on the Trash Exchange, and spend it to upgrade your kit.

You’re not alone amid the wreckage. Alien bots patrol most sectors of space nowadays and they’ll be drawn to you as your operation expands.

You’ll need a steady aim, impeccable defenses, and an upgraded armory to protect your Space Rig from the dangers of these foes. Survival depends on your ability to defend yourself!

…and more!
We’ll be adding more and more to Space Trash Scavenger, so be sure to wishlist and follow for updates! Join our discord (linked to the right) if you’d like to help beta test the game.

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31 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    (and space stocks and space cubes and space squids, space 🚀 space 🚀 space 🚀 space 🚀 space 🚀 space)

  2. Iliano101 says:

    If there are conveyor belts in a game, Josh will find a way to push their limits

  3. Tom McDermott says:

    There’s some thing hopeful and reassuring about how Josh approaches each new game with all the kindness and respect of a locust swarm descending upon an unsuspecting farming community. Great work as always, dude.

  4. _Pilots says:

    Josh is the only person who can clean up trash and simultaneously create it.

  5. Patrick Hannon says:

    You know it’s a good episode when the video is only half-over and Josh has an entire shed filled with his own corpses.

  6. Ani Hopkins says:

    This is a really cool way to deal with the whole “base building in space but there is no down in space” problem in a way that’s fun to play, kinda realistic, and actually improves the gameplay

  7. Maxim Koval says:

    Room full of corpses is EXACTLY what youre expecting in Josh video

    • JadeTheProtogen says:

      … *thinking of counter argument… cannot find it.* … huh… yeah… I didn’t even think about that but as Waltuh would say… “You’re goddamn right”

    • Krazer says:

      i was actually kinda expecting him to fill the room with resource cubes made exclusively from dead bodies.

  8. Racoltro says:

    I love how josh just finds something minor to abuse and just does ONLY that for the rest of the video

  9. koziak says:

    I love the fact that Josh found a way to literally convert his dead body into resources…

  10. UnknwnPhoenix says:

    Josh is the only one who can destroy a game or push it to it’s limit in the most obscure ways possible and yet still convince people to want to get said game 😂

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