WE LOVE THE COMPANY | Lethal Company

WE LOVE THE COMPANY | Lethal Company

I think I understand now why this game is called… LETHAL Company. Bob, Wade, and I begin a new adventure of multiplayer horror!
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38 Responses

  1. @LordMinion777 says:

    words can’t describe just how much I love THE COMPANY

  2. @disguisedcyclops4593 says:

    Wade singing “I love the company” while carrying bobs corpse to the ship is the saddest, yet funniest thing I’ve seed all day.

  3. @torimsmith94 says:

    Scp has taught Mark well. As soon as he noticed the coil-head, he didnt break eye contact. You can see the gears in his head turning and then tested it out. The giggle and “I know what this is” was awesome. So glad they run into this creature in the first episode. Cant wait to see more episodes!

  4. @scr00ge50 says:

    I love how, upon meeting the Coil Head, Mark figured out how it works and went “Aaaah” like he immediately knew from SCP experience.

  5. @willjoyce5013 says:

    Mark seeing a Coil-head: ah, I’ve trained years to handle such a foe

  6. @VexWerewolf says:

    There’s something about people like Mark who can actually sing that makes them so much better at singing horribly than people who just can’t sing

  7. @firestarex3544 says:

    The company has high hopes that you will remain an indisposable asset, Markiplier.

  8. @banditobueno7228 says:

    That was a visceral moment at 18:17 when Wade screamed through the walkie, “BOB LOOK OUT!!!”

  9. @donut3702 says:

    I have never felt such joy as watching Mark honk an air horn at bootleg SCP-173

  10. @swagman818 says:

    I love how for 1/3 of the video they are all expressing how much they love the company.

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