This Party Animals Video is Wild

This Party Animals Video is Wild

You must be goofy if you think I wasn’t gonna post Party Animals on this channel too.
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33 Responses

  1. AJ Hates U says:

    Eli being confused by every game he plays will always be funny to me

  2. paleboyjon says:

    You can get a whole bunch of people on party animals together. I would love to see BYZE and Blarg attack eachother as cute hosehold pets

  3. 28green28 says:

    The moment when you realize that the next half hour will be fun =)

  4. Isaac Jones says:

    1:55 is literally the scene from Puss in Boots… “Pick it up. Pick. It. Up.”
    Not to mention the fact that it’s a dog commanding a cat to do so

  5. Pegasys says:

    was gonna sleep soon, but party animals and smii7ys wheeze at 2am is a jam

  6. Null says:

    Oh man, I wish Smii7yPlus, smii7yMinus and Smii7y would do a collab together

  7. Blade Edgerunner says:

    Im so glad we finally get to see smii7y play this game again. Its been so long. The beta was just too good.

  8. themastr el matador del mar says:

    I will forever laugh at Smii7y knocking out Kryoz in the first ever party animals video. that was soo funny to me

  9. Darren Yu says:

    Smii7y never laughs this hard and I love it 29:31

  10. The Architect says:

    “And please enjoy me drop kicking my friends!” Got me I already know that this video will be great

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