Thousands stranded at Burning Man Festival after heavy rain

Thousands stranded at Burning Man Festival after heavy rain

Thousands from across the US and the Bay Area who made the trek to this year’s Burning Man Festival are now stranded in the Nevada desert.

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44 Responses

  1. CloudyWithABitOfRain says:

    Damn, who would have expected flooding on a flood plain.

  2. Neuro12 says:

    I always wanted to live in a shack out on the mud plain with an open sewer.

  3. Natedoc808to805 says:

    Hearing the mom’s diatribe about how nobody is helping them deal with a very simple, predictable contingency of life tells me exactly how these idiots ended up there without checking the weather

  4. Logan N says:

    When you go into the wilderness, unexpected things can happen. You have to come prepared.

    • LCF FLC says:

      its a deanm dessert not much happening there.

    • James Mitchell says:

      ​@LCF FLCthe desert is the most challenging survival environment and these pagans don’t seem to resilient or knowledgeable
      BTW I’ve been a self defense and survival instructor for almost 2 decades and would never have recommended anyone go to this event it is a death trap

    • James Mitchell says:

      ​@LCF FLCthe worst place to try to shelter around in a desert is a dry lake or river bed for obvious reasons

    • rightside says:

      “GO” prepared…

  5. tabuilder says:

    I love these “feel good” stories, they truly warm my heart.

  6. Notyet Skeletal says:

    I hate festivals. I’m older now and everything annoys me.

  7. Mordecai R says:

    I like how first they couldn’t get to burning man cause of protesters now they can’t leave

  8. rand mayfield says:

    Anyone who knows anything about the Black Rock Desert knows that it’s not a place you want to be when it’s raining. As they all found out.

  9. D says:

    They should be responsible for their own safety. You don’t go into a destitute location for days with no preparation.

    • Curious Nomad says:

      My guy, there are hikes in parks that are longer. Your “destitute” location is only 4 miles into the desert and not far from hot spring baths.

    • Brother Littlefoot says:

      But 4 miles is all it took to get them stuck,eh? lol @Curious Nomad

  10. Kevin Nos X9 says:

    I hope the rain helps the man who is burning

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