Watch: SpaceX Starship Test Flight Ends in Explosion on Second Try | WSJ

Watch: SpaceX Starship Test Flight Ends in Explosion on Second Try | WSJ

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a test flight of its Starship rocket early Saturday from its spaceport in Texas, reaching a crucial booster separation stage before exploding. The company’s previous launch attempt in April ended in an explosion.

00:00 Launch
00:40 Booster separation
01:12 Booster explodes

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39 Responses

  1. Cosmic Insane says:

    This was an epic flight. Can’t believe all those raptors actually ran through pretty much a full burn. I’d be interested to see where the second stage debris ends up though.

  2. Larry Riley says:

    A rapid unscheduled disassembly. That’s classic.

  3. benzerd says:

    It’s actually the point of the test – to see where the rocket needs improvement. 8 minutes! Better than the first. Great job Space X!

    • the struggler says:

      cmon Benzy, lets be real, it could have gone a lot better and a lot worse, I am but a mere layman, a realist you could even say. Here is my take. I spied what appeared to be the lox tank at the other end exploding after the fire was already a little too well lit. Perhaps this was due to the heat of the various ‘mini explosions’ beforehand eventually rupturing lox tank via increased pressure as the final combustion appeared well after the expelling of lox

  4. Expel Mire says:

    The explosion is so cool looking, the sheer speed of the gases expanding

  5. ZK_9154 says:

    Bro that explosion is insane

  6. pdevos says:

    Absolutely terrible headline, for an absolutely phenomenal engineering feat that pushed the envelope in a thousand new ways. Well done SpaceX, absolutely amazing work!

  7. John Francis says:

    SpaceX has 3 newer versions almost ready to fly.

    Tankers were there right after the launch refilling the tank farm. IFT3 will probably launch in early December.

  8. SHSD says:

    Amazing, well done to the engineering team!

  9. ben amadi says:

    You guys are good at reporting things in the worst possible light.

  10. Old Hollywood Briar says:

    Congratulations on the successful launch and separation! Even though there were some challenges today, these are giant leaps in mankind’s journey to the stars. Great job!

    • Molly Bolton says:

      Giant leaps????! What u be smokin’ dude? Humans have been launching big rockets into space for over 60 years. U mean a giant leap for elon musk–the dude is still trying learn how to walk when its competitors have already been there, done that

    • daily depreciating exotics says:

      ​@Molly Boltonbro lay of the pipe

    • Alex B says:

      @Molly Bolton What are you talking about??? SpaceX is attempting to launch the words largest rocket into space. This rocket is bigger than an NFL football field and twice the says of the worlds second largest rocket SLS.

    • Molly Bolton says:

      ​@Alex B kinda like the world’s largest pizza, or the world’s heaviest snowblower. yawn–once a technology is been proven, making it bigger nothing to scream about

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