Top 25 Best Black Friday Deals 2021 🤑 (Updated Hourly!!)

Top 25 Best Black Friday Deals 2021 🤑 (Updated Hourly!!)

The brand new deals are crazy this Black Friday 2021! Here are all the top deals I found on the products you care about from Amazon, Target, Walmart and More!
🤑 Anker Emergency Portable Power Station:
🤑 New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation):
🤑Beats Studio Buds:
🤑 Ninja Mega Kitchen System:
🤑 Top Rated $45 Juicer:
🤑 Onn 50” TV:
🤑 ASUS Chromebook:
🤑 SodaStream Terra:
🤑 PowerXL Dual Basket Air Fryer:
🤑 30% OFF Green Works Outdoor Tools:
🤑 Google Nest Mini + Smart Plug:
🤑 Frigidaire Ice Maker:
🤑 Blink Video Doorbell:
🤑 $15 Magic Bullet:
🤑 28% off Samsung Tabs:
🤑 Fitbit Charge 4:
🤑 40% off Fitbits:
🤑 iRobot Roomba i3+:
🤑 Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3:
🤑 Apple Watch SE:
🤑 SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal UHD TV:
🤑 VIZIO 65-Inch M-Series Premium 4K TV:
🤑 Sony 75 Inch TV:
🤑 Wyze Home Security System Kit:

🤑 Arlo Video Doorbell:
🤑 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:
🤑 iRobot Braava Jet M6:

**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale.

In this video we are exploring the Best Black Friday 2021 Deals at many different retailers! 2021 Black Friday are some of the Best Black Friday Deals 2021! This Top Black Friday Deals video is all about the black friday walmart 2021 and target black friday ad 2021.

You may have seen my costco black friday and best buy black friday 2021 video, so these deals are all brand new including some new black friday tv deals 2021. Best Buy Black Friday Deals and Amazon Black Friday 2020 are even better than the Walmart Black Friday video i did a few days ago!

I have done so many 2021 black friday deals and best black friday deals 2021 videos but this one is definitely my favorite so far as it includes target black friday 2021, costco black friday and the best black friday deals 2021! Comment below what you think of the video 🙂

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34 Responses

  1. The Deal Guy says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a THUMBS UP as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm! 😀 What products do you want to see in my Top 50 Amazon Deals video tomorrow?
    👇🏼 Comment below 👇🏼

  2. Misty Stone says:

    We had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family did also Matt. Thank you for your hard work! I know I’m not the only one who appreciates you doing the research for us. As always great job!!

  3. Shelley G. says:

    Thanks for bringing all these goodies to our attention Matt. These are some great deals.

  4. Sheryl Clements says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Matt & family!! And I HIGHLY recommend the texting club as the first day of texts is why I was able to get a head start on the sale of my Kitchenaid 525 watt mixer at $219 at Target as it sold out almost immediately both in-store and online! Thank you for working so hard for your subscribers! We appreciate you so very much!!

  5. KAT says:

    I had a great Thanksgiving even though my son, who’s in the Army, isn’t home, but I went on a 5 mile hike in the mountains before dinner with my sister & her husband, called my son & now watching your videos! I love your videos Matt! Thanks for all you do! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  6. Your Royal Highness says:

    As an Engineer and Techie, I’m impressed by your quick explanations of tech in a limited time. You’ve got excellent communications skills. 👍🏻

    • The Deal Guy says:

      Thank you!!

    • Diane Serafino says:

      agree. timing, and time spent is to the point. Appreciate this regard, and makes it enjoyable to watch and learn.

    • Brendan M says:

      Huh, the only thing he pointed out tech wise was going for a 120hz display for a gaming console, and really that isn’t even the best advice, you want a display that supports hdmi 2.1 or has built in adaptive sync technology that way when your console inevitably drops down from 120hz or 60hz, it doesn’t become choppy like computers had to deal with years ago…

    • Sandy R says:

      Agree 💯

    • Karen K says:

      @Brendan M Can you recommend specs for a computer intended for MineCraft streamed on Twitch?

  7. Lily Dean says:

    Matt, thank you so much for spending this time on thanksgiving making these videos for us. Your hard work is not going unnoticed! You’re awesome and I’m so thankful for you and your channel!!!!

  8. Christine P says:

    Thanks for working so hard for us, with all of your energy and enthusiasm; we really appreciate all that you do!

  9. Motile Maris says:

    I enjoys the videos with the quick, easy to understand explanations. Even more fun because I can’t leave my home. But because of you, I can ask friends to get things I need/want I would never know was out there. Love Zelle and your videos! Thanks for the info and the funnies.
    Also, I love unflavored carbonated water. 💙

  10. Justin Coleman says:

    BF Deals:
    1. Anker portable power station 0:48
    2. Apple Airpods 1:00
    3. Beats airbuds 1:19
    4. Ninja mixer 1:44
    5. Aicok juicer 2:07
    6. onn 50″ 4k tv 2:39
    7. ASUS 11″ Chromebook 2:54
    8. Sodastream 3:21
    9. PowerXL Air fryer 3:30
    10. Greenworks yard tools 4:06
    11. Google nest 4:23
    12. Frigidaire ice maker 4:51
    13. blink doorbell 5:10
    14. Magic Bullet blender 5:28
    15. Galaxy tablets 5:46
    16. Fitbit watch 6:00
    17. iRobot vacuum 6:30
    18. Lenovo Chromebook 6:55
    19. Apple watch 7:41
    20. Samsung 85″ 4k tv 8:03
    21. Vizio 65″ 4k tv 8:22
    22. Sony 75″ 4k tv 8:36
    23. Wyze home security 9:21
    24. Arlo doorbell 9:51
    25. Lifestraw 10:07
    Bonus iRobot mop vacuum 10:21

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