Total War: PHARAOH – Announce Trailer

Total War: PHARAOH – Announce Trailer

Can you stand against the collapse of a civilisation?

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the zenith of its power and experience the events that threaten its destruction in Total War: PHARAOH – coming October 2023.


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52 Responses

  1. Артур Морган says:

    The battle of the two scarabs is definitely the most epic moment in the series

  2. JoDoFe says:

    Great to see that there will be a beetle faction.

  3. BuhoAhogado says:

    Really excited for this game, but now I also dream for a Total War: Insect Kingdoms where I can pit trillions of bugs against eachother.

  4. Christiaan Bruin says:

    I guess my main question is: Will this be fun at launch or 3 years after launch?

  5. Sam Jensen says:

    I hope there’s a playable Babylonian faction eventually. This game is set centuries before the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, which I’d like to see, but Babylon would have still been a player in this general part of the world at this time period. And maybe a DLC campaign could be set later to let us see Babylon in the time of Nebuchadnezzar II! Also, I bet this game will add a playable Sea Peoples faction eventually, either as paid DLC or in a free update. They’re so important in the Bronze Age collapse.

    • 1987MartinT says:

      Oh yeah. That’d be awesome. I’m also hoping for Mitanni and Hittites.

    • Felix Häggblom says:

      Hitites are confirmed I believe, as is Canaan. I’m sure we’ll also have mitani and mycenea, as well Assyria and the sea people. Wouldn’t be surprised if the latter will be dlc though

    • 1987MartinT says:

      @Felix Häggblom Canaan? Neat! That means the 1st battle of Megiddo might be a historical battle.

    • The Anglo-Lithuanian says:

      They may be added as DLC. As far as they have announced, base game will be made up of 3 cultures and 8 playable factions:

      Egyptian: Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, Amenmess

      Canaanite: Bay and Irsu

      Hittite: Kurunta and Suppiluliuma

    • Dog says:

      Nebuchadnezzar’s nation is called the Neo-Babylonian empire for a reason, the OG Babylonia existed at this period in time (eventually destroyed by hitites and assyrians), so probably they will be present in the game as DLC

  6. Psic- Hist says:

    Is not the setting I was expecting, but I’m glad we are coming back to historical titles

    • Charles M IV says:

      Is this a major release? Or just a saga?

    • Psic- Hist says:

      @Charles M IV I assume is a major release due to the tittle, but there are only 3 cultures with 8 factions in total, so it{s strange if this is a jor release

    • Jared Wat says:

      @Psic- Hist just wait until they start showing off hero units 🤣🤣

    • jalel Vangoethem says:

      ​@Charles M IVthis looks more like TW troy then a full release, knowing Sega they’ll probably use Troy’s engine

    • VadersFist177 says:

      @Jared Wat if it is like Troy and Three Kingdoms where you can switch to the old mode of generals with bodyguards I‘ll be satisfied. And judging by how many people prefer that in historical games, they will do that for sure

  7. Kings and Generals says:

    I will build a pyramid so tall, that it won’t even need engines to go to space.

  8. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    For those who dont understand, beetles were thought to be the reincarnation of Khepri, god of the morning sun.
    the Trailer is basically saying “here comes a new dawn… of civilisation”

  9. Anthony xiong says:

    Looks promising hopefully it sticks to its historical perspective of war in that era.

    • Payton Richmond says:

      Yeah I hope so to. The middle of the ground thing they tried with Troy was such a bad idea. It pleased nobody not the fantasy fans or historical ones which is a shame because a full fantasy Troy would have been cool.

    • Oso says:

      It won’t

  10. Guilleolid1 says:

    Ramses III fighting against the Sea People, in the twilight of Bronce Age. Despite the fact that the battle took place in the Delta, the sight of thousands of warriors fighting on the Giza plain with the pyramids in the background… is simply epic. The details are incredible: you can see the remains of war chariots, the egyptian khopesh and wooden shields, and even the feathered helmets of the Sea Peoples next to the kneeling pharaoh.

    And the best of the trailer: the scarab, which persists in its mission despite all the difficulties throughout the millennia and which the ancient egyptians associated with the god Khepri, symbolizes the rebirth of Egypt in its most difficult moments

    • Domingo Sanchez says:

      I seriously hope you’re at least being paid to shill so shamelessly for a CGI trailer for a game no one asked for.

    • Guilleolid1 says:

      @Domingo Sanchez Te contesto en castellano porque me da que me vas a entender.
      Sinceramente amigo, me ha parecido un trailer magnífico, y a mi personalmente encontrar fidelidad histórica en un videojuego (aunque sólo sea en el trailer), ya me parece un acierto. No tengo ni idea de cómo será el resultado final, habrá que esperar al gameplay o a jugarlo uno mismo, pero ya sólo la primera impresión me parece buena. Ni me pagan ni lo van a hacer, es mi opinión personal, pero desde luego yo sí que me alegro de que la saga retorne un poco a sus inicios y al realismo histórico.

      Así que macho, relájate, que sólo es un comentario en un vídeo de Youtube. Si no te gusta el juego, simple: no lo compres, o espera a la siguiente edición de fantasía épica…pero no ataques a la gente por sus opiniones, ni creas que tu punto de vista es el mayoritario.

    • ThirdWorld Gamer says:

      @Domingo Sanchez i would answer in spanish as well but ill do it in english just in case. why are you so spitefull? Total War begun as a historic rts, it had, has, and will have a loving fanbase, both of the historical games and the fantasy ones, coming from someone who enjoys both. Maybe you dont like it, thats ok, but we do, we being millions of poeple, dont know what you mean by a ”CGI trailer for a game no one asked for”, because 1, companies dont make ”games people ask for”, and 2, we been asking for a historic title for a couple years now, as the op said, chill my man, let people enjoy what they like

    • ThirdWorld Gamer says:

      so they WERE the sea peoples, funny, i was thinking about the bronze age today, got home, and my favorite franchise drops a bronze age themed game trailer, gonna enjoy this one like a kid

    • Americo Zergling says:

      Anything set in Egypt is contractually obligated to show of the pyramids in the trailer.

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