Rough Week

Rough Week

In which John talks about cancer, humor, and accompaniment through a rough week. Thanks for being here with us.
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35 Responses

  1. Mary Franco says:

    As a 7 year blood cancer survivor, I’ve learned that it’s not the journey that matters, but the people you are blessed to walk it with. And if you can laugh with them, all the better! Sending warm thoughts and prayers.

  2. allie s. says:

    i know he fears being known as the “youtuber with cancer” but i don’t think that will happen. he’s the guy who got us through science class and the guy who has taught millions of people. the whole world is sincerely thankful for hank <3

  3. pretty.odd. says:

    It’s the most on-brand vlogbrothers thing for Hank to be the one with cancer, but John be the one to make me cry this week.

  4. John Chessant says:

    Laughter might not be a better medicine than actual medicine, but it is a damn good one. I love that you’re able to still laugh in the face of a terrible thing and draw a good balance between maintaining your innate positivity and not minimizing the pain.

  5. Gabe Lareau says:

    The words from John’s former chaplain supervisor seem especially important now: “Don’t just do something, stand there.” Hank, we’re all standing there with you.

  6. lilypudd says:

    People don’t realize how ill health has a cascade effect. Hank has such a great support system with your family and all the people out here that just love you guys so much. Huggs & love to you all! DFTBA!

  7. Zach Franklin says:

    “If the laughs come from a place of love and understanding” is the phrase I want tatooed on the inside of my arm.
    Love you, Hank. We’re all rooting for you.

  8. NikkisorousRex says:

    I said this in Hank’s video, but as someone who is working through the aftermath of having GBM brain cancer, you, Hank, all of your family, and close friends will be in my prayers.

    I’ve been without my tumor for almost four years, and there’s not a moment when I don’t thank God for saving my life, and while you don’t believe, I’ll be adding you to my prayers Hank. You mean so much, too so many people, and the world’s a better place with you in it.

  9. Part Fish says:

    Several years ago, my uncle died suddenly. At his funeral, someone came up to my aunt and had an unfortunate slip of the tounge, and said “congratulations” instead of “condolences”. They froze in horror and my aunt burst out laughing. It really helped get her and my cousins through a rough day. Even in grief there is laughter ❤

  10. Scribbly Puns says:

    when my healthy father suddenly passed away, the best advice I received was “let yourself cry when you need to cry and let yourself laugh when you need to laugh.” The Tao of Fully Feeling has a brilliant section about the ambivalence of life. Allowing yourself to commune with loved ones and laugh in times of fear or grief is a beautiful representation of ambivalence. Hope and Despair occur simultaneously and are equally valuable and important to experiencing life. It’s not that you can’t have one without the other, but that you shouldn’t. Much love.

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