Traffic AI I Feature Highlights #2 I Cities: Skylines II

Traffic AI I Feature Highlights #2 I Cities: Skylines II

Why do the citizens of your city make the decisions they do and how does that affect traffic simulation? In today’s Feature Highlights, we go over the improved Traffic AI. 🚗

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42 Responses

  1. Cities: Skylines says:


  2. M.L.K says:

    All lanes usage + collision + higher vehicle limit spawning = PERFECTION

    • Rechtsamwald says:

      And proper multithreading!

    • WCK says:

      I feel like if that’s all they announce here, it will be a disappointment. dynamic lane changing and car accidents have already been confirmed. I want to see some new reveals.

    • The OtterBon says:

      every fiitage they have shown has shown like 1/8th the cars as the first game…its making me very nervous

    • Michael Belgium says:

      + give way for emergency vehicles

    • Drum MonkeyStuff UK says:

      @The OtterBon The only issue with simulating more traffic is that it puts a massive load of extra calculations on CPU’s. And then anyone who hasn’t got a strong enough CPU complains that the game runs too slow.

  3. Adam Something says:

    Paradox: now your roads will have car accidents.
    Me: there won’t be any car accidents if there is no car traffic in my city.

  4. Deathtrooper 900 says:

    Honestly, this is exactly what I would expect and want from a sequel.
    You guys are clearly doing your homework with the community’s desires

    This is why I love PDX

  5. L. says:

    The detail at 3:33 of turning off your high beams for oncoming traffic is incredible and just an awesome sign for the game in general!

  6. Jim Yu says:

    2:19 That 3 point turning is just impressive!

  7. Klaki says:

    1:49 I like that the tram’s pantograph is moving up and down and stops on turns when there is no wire overhead.

  8. TehFocus says:

    The probably most sought after changes when you believe the masses. Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us.

    • Mr. Lanark says:

      Making the AI smarter is one thing, but for proper city building you’re still going to need a lot of TMPE features.

    • Anton Shamray says:

      no bikes – no buy

    • Cherry says:

      ​@Anton ShamrayThere are bikes, in the last feature highlight, they were showing parking lot where a bike was parked there..

    • Albedo says:

      ​@CherryThe devs on forums confirmed there are no bikes (as in people ride bikes in bike lanes etc…) in the release build of the game. Will probably come in an eco dlc in the future

    • M M says:

      ​@Cherry I honestly think those were motorbikes and scooters no ? I could be wrong (I got bad eyes )

  9. Michiel says:

    I swear I’m going to be addicted to this game for months after launch if this all turns out the way it appears it will. It’ll be the city builder everyone has dreamt of.

  10. Jycy says:

    I swear, Cities: Skyline 2 is set to be one of the greatest city simulator game ever. Every new bits of information makes me more and more excited. Bravo!

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