Transformer Rise of the Beasts: The One Nobody Saw

Transformer Rise of the Beasts: The One Nobody Saw

This franchise used to break box office records. Now it can hardly make a dent. But hey, at least they’re finally making alright movies. Thats what I’d describe Rise of the Beasts as. Decent, flawed and one that nobody saw.

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0:00 Intro
1:31 What Even Happens?
6:11 Rise of The What?
7:34 The Good Stuff
8:59 The Bad Stuff
11:56 Scourge Sucks
12:57 No Bay. Hooray?
14:52 What Next?

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41 Responses

  1. @PyroBun_2844 says:

    The way you squeeze the imfamous “I’m an Inventor!” Moment one way or another in every Transformers video you’ve done never fails to get a chuckle out of me.

    • @mifiamigahna says:

      He didn’t even play the clip, but we still heard the line in our heads.

    • @Oldass_Deadass_dumbass_channel says:

      Haven’t seen the video yet, but I hope he worked in “the card” as well, because god, that’s such a stupid fucking scene. The entire situation was so dumb. Why didn’t they just write her to be eighteen? Or both of them as teens? Was someone on the writers team self reporting or something? What the hell happened there?

      We can never let that be forgotten.

    • @hydromancer4916 says:

      groomer pfp

    • @gavo7911 says:

      @@hydromancer4916Bro what

  2. @matthewwilliam981 says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, we will never have a good enough Transformers movie until we get a scene where 2 Autobots sit across from each other and talk about something OTHER than humans or the mission.

  3. @ChanpakuygunChintakanonda says:

    Hub never misses with his videos; I dearly hope his uncontrollable descent into madness continues

    • @lil12thman29 says:

      Completely missed talking about the plot point of Noah doing everything in this movie for his sick brother.

  4. @AroAceGamer says:

    Maybe its my clouded childhood nostalgia, but another thing that seems to be missing from RotB is that larger-than-life aspect the Transformers had in the previous films. In the Bay films, the Transformers looked big, felt big, and left devastation in their wake as they fought in cities among the human populace. Michael Bay really liked to show how huge these guys are. Even in RotF, they didn’t fight in a big city, but they still felt big as they fought in a Forest from Sam’s perspectives. The climax of RotB kinda reminds me of the desert fight in RotF, but kinda worse, fighting on this flat plane without much scale.

    • @TheGreatMcPain says:

      I felt the same way. I thought the camera during ROTB’s climax moved unnaturally and unrestricted kinda like a MCU movie. In most of the Bay movies the camera felt grounded.

    • @mrcheesemunch says:

      @@DrMike69 The first movie came out 16 years ago…how OLD are you?
      I’m 30, I was 14 when the movie came out

    • @mrcheesemunch says:

      Yeah people criticise Bay’s action style a lot but I think it made these movies way more awesome than they had any right to be, the visual effects were never what made these movies bad(until they got way shittier later)

      The CGI even the first movie still holds up amazingly well, all the little parts of the bots moving around and clicking in to place as they transform is incredible. Size is something the cartoons even never really got that right because they still ultimately had to turn in to cars and stuff that the human characters had to get in to, so the scale always seemed a little weird.

      Massive sentient robots SHOULD cause a lot of destruction, it was always weird to me how people say Michael Bay ruined that particular part.

    • @Jesse-xg8rk says:

      They also fight on an alien megastructure setpiece against an army of things their size, which also makes them seem less impressive.

    • @tru3toxicgaming509 says:

      I agree. It didn’t feel as powerful with the visuals or designs. Yeah, they were more cohesive than the Bay designs, but they ended up like a good 3/4 the size of the bay versions for the most part, and they didn’t feel nearly as powerful like you said. It felt like some big people fighting and not giant robots. It was fun, yeah. But I honestly prefer most, if not all the bay films to this for entertainment and maybe even story. Hasn’t really improved much story wise. Just “oh, we need this thing but to also keep it from the other side, then a big action scene after”

      Except I like the way the Bay movies did the action much more

  5. @Frenzyshark says:

    I actually preferred Noah over Sam. Sam’s emotional hang ups honestly had very little relevance to the Transformers directly. But Noah’s desire to look out for his brother is very comparable to Optimus’s plight.

    But I think we could have had Air razor provide the exposition more than Elena(so more screentime for Air Razor). Also Rhinox and Cheetor(but definitely Rhinox) were done dirty in this movie.

    Edit: Thanks everyone for the likes! I seem the counter is going up and up. Currently at over 350 at this point.

    • @ChineduOpara says:

      “Air Razor”

    • @DieHardAlien says:

      Could’ve just used Primal, Airazor, and Cheetor as the primary Maximals and that’s it. Save Rhinox for another film if a sequel got made.

      Could’ve just used Prime, Arcee, and Mirage (with Bee at the start and climax of the flick once Mirage is out of the movie and in his suit mode) as the primary Autobots and that’s it. Save Wheeljack for another film with a variation of his G1 design shown in Bumblebee.

      Could’ve just used Scourge (a name used for characters in both Generation One and Beast Wars), Nightbird (primarily a Generation One character), and Quickstrike (primarily a Beast Wars character) as the primary Terrorcons and that’s it. A good combination of villainous characters from different versions of the franchise whom are visually distinct from one another that people wouldn’t mind being Terrorcons as Unicron’s enforcers in this incarnation.

    • @Frenzyshark says:

      @@DieHardAlien We have to be careful about how many characters we exclude from a movie since there’s no guarantee there will actually be a next movie that continues the storyline. While I can agree “less characters can mean more” for a movie, if the movie does terribly, the next movie will probably just axe the current characters(the execs can assume the current characters weren’t liked so no point in having them take up screentime in the next movie) and we won’t see the characters “we saved for the sequel”. Sometimes certain characters only really work well with other characters being there as they did in the original show. If Rhinox had some lines, it would have been great to have him talk to Cheetor. A damn shame.

    • @shiftbloxx1076 says:

      Sam is there just to pretty much scream his lungs out

    • @Frenzyshark says:

      @@shiftbloxx1076 Which boggles my mind why TF1 was praised so much when Sam/Shia… just kept screaming.

      I tolerated it in TF3 because genuine shit was going down and Sam was getting into the action himself. But TF1? It’s so distracting.

  6. @lucasborbarambormassena39 says:

    The film was released on my birthday, I watched it with my parents and 2 other cousins, it was a really cool experience.
    And being able to hear “Arrivel to Earth” in theaters after so long was something priceless

  7. @justat1149 says:

    When ROTB first released, I saw it opening night, and thought it was pretty good. Noticed a lot of the missing scenes that were cut last minute, but didn’t think too much of them. The Fandom immediately devolved into fights over whether this was the best film, or one of the worst. Honestly, after reflecting since it released, it’s a firmly ok film. There’s plenty of things that could be improved, but comparing it to the films post DOTM, it’s a fairly solid movie. It’s a solid “B+”

  8. @littlemisstfp says:

    I feel like the movie could’ve definitely benefited from a longer runtime, especially with characters such as Arcee and Airazor. Also, the Beast Wars characters should’ve had their own separate movie.

    Still, I had a good time due to how fun and entertaining it is and I am very hopeful that the next movies will improve.

  9. @CuddleShit2 says:

    Making a Beast Wars tie in Transformers movie set in New York in the 90’s without Rattrap is unforgivable

    • @lorddracula-kn6bz says:

      They didn’t give a Krap about Beast Wars.
      It was just a Stupid Gimmick to sell this Garbage Movie.

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