Cillian Murphy & Margot Robbie | Actors on Actors

Cillian Murphy & Margot Robbie | Actors on Actors

The Barbenheimer phenomenon personified, Cillian Murphy (‘Oppenheimer’) & Margot Robbie (‘Barbie’) discuss the experience of being the biggest summer box office sensation since ‘Avengers’ and what it was like working with Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig.

Variety Actors on Actors presented by Amazon Studios/MGM.

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46 Responses

  1. @JackieZYT says:

    Barbenheimer taking over the summer was something the world needed, two completely different movies bringing people together.

    • @theshed3641 says:

      Nah Barbie was a divisive movie

    • @wildseraphim21 says:

      @@theshed3641nah those people that felt divided already were. It just made everyone else closer ❤

    • @theshed3641 says:

      @@wildseraphim21 no. I watched the movie and all it dose is talk about “the patriarchy” and makes all the men out to be dumb. It was a shame I hope it would be good. Oppenheimer was a great movie

    • @dancoyle6911 says:

      @@theshed3641Oppenheimer was divisive as well….to the people who were injured or murdered by the bombs lol maybe one matters a little more than the other?

  2. @mephisto8966 says:

    It’s so rare to see Cillian Murphy enjoying an interview and I am all in for it.

  3. @TimelesslyModern says:

    Apparently, it was Cillian’s team that reached out to Variety asking for the pairing, and I find that super wholesome.

  4. @Review-hm6sq says:

    The most Cillian has been engaged in an interview due to the intelligent nature of the conversation rather than him having to answer the endless superficial questions required of most interviews. Both are gigantic yet still ascending. Can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

  5. @user-dl8he8zk7i says:

    Variety – PLEASE consider a Directors on Directors series! That would be so fascinating!

    EDIT: I didn’t realize there is a Directors on Directors series… my bad… that being said, as someone who watches films for the director a lot of the time versus the actors and who is insanely interested in the writing process, casting process, etc., I would love for the directors on directors series to be as popular as this one!

  6. @nellielaroy says:

    I think it’s the first time I am seeing Cillian so comfortable during the interview. Margot really is such a positive influence on people. I need them in a movie. Imagine Cillian joining Margot’s and Ryan’s Ocean’s Eleven prequel

    • @lktzu2821 says:

      It is also because he is willingly there. He requested to pair up with Margot for this so I think he is comfortable.

    • @Blue-ub8ld says:

      @@lktzu2821do you have source? That’s so cute

    • @lktzu2821 says:

      ​@@Blue-ub8ld Ramin Setoodeh, the reporter in charge of Actors on Actors posted it on Twitter. He wanted a Barbenheimer cover but before he could ask either of them Cillian’s team reached out and told him that Cillian wanted to pair up with Margot for this. The reporter asked Margot and she said yes quickly. 😂 They are cute.

    • @Blue-ub8ld says:

      @@lktzu2821 that’s amazing!!! We need a movie with these two now

  7. @lktzu2821 says:

    Cillian is like the cool night while Margot is like the bright sun. What a combo. 💖🖤

  8. @l____a____m____a says:

    She’s so real for asking him about peaky blinders the fact that there are people out there who only know him as the “oppenheimer” guy and not as tommy shelby is crazy to me like y’all are missing out

  9. @thabreez456 says:

    I don’t think either of these two films would have been as successful without the other. It brought a large variety of people to the theatres in the summer and It was one of the times in my life that I’ve witnessed the magic of cinema. It was mesmerizing to watch. And better yet these were two fantastic films who could not be more different from each other

  10. @Ernie1978 says:

    Margot Robbie is such a brilliant and eloquent woman. She’s chosen quite interesting characters to play so far. The court scene in I Tonya showed just how phenomenal she can be.

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