Travis Scott – MELTDOWN (Official Audio)

Travis Scott – MELTDOWN (Official Audio)

Travis Scott – MELTDOWN (Official Audio)

“UTOPIA” available at:

Travis Scott online:

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33 Responses

  1. oHypix says:


  2. emad alhabib says:

    We need a collaboration album cause this duo is lit 🔥🔥

    • idanw says:

      we need a don toliver, drake and travis scott album

    • Unknown Unknown says:

      That’s too much the higher ups would never allow that

    • X.O. Cash says:

      @Unknown Unknownsimilar to kendrick and j cole, it comes down to availability and scheduling for recording, marketing, tours, etc. People tend to forget that even if an album only lives in its prime for 1.5 years, its a 3 year commitment for the artists and producers. Not to mention its a career legacy decision

    • Heartless says:

      ​@idanw by metro boomin 🔥

  3. DIANDRO says:

    Lo volvieron a hacer estos dos chicos, es una joda 11/10🌵🦉

  4. Erik says:

    isso parece um sonho, 5 anos esperando esse álbum 🔥🔥

  5. Nuno Ghost says:

    This is a certified Travis Scott classic never disappoints and his energy it’s maximum.🔥🎧

  6. CodeGui says:

    Depois de Sicko Mode, ficou claro que sempre que temos Travis e Drake na mesma música, a chance de ser hit é de 10000000000%

    Em outras palavras, esse duo nunca falha em suas colaborações! 💀🔥

  7. WILBERTO ESP says:

    Me recordó a SICKO MODE, me gustó mucho, nunca fallan estos artistas.

  8. Gigi Sitchinava says:

    Unmatched duo that never misses

  9. RAK says:

    Essa música me faz refletir sobre a vida de uma maneira profunda. Travis Scott é um verdadeiro poeta contemporâneo.

  10. CodeGui says:

    Necessito urgentemente de um SICKO MODE (Vol.2) na minha mesa 🙏🔥

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