Travis Scott’s UTOPIA..

Travis Scott’s UTOPIA..

5 year wait is over

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  1. 7VN says:

    the fact that travis was basically on almost every prod. of the song feels amazing to me, you could really tell how much he’s evolved like a producer. I think that this album like Mike Dean said its really like on some “Alien shit” and what I think they mean by that is the production, the detuned synths, modulations are perfect, in SIRENS (that is one of my favorites) that vocal chop is disgustingly good and Travis destroyed it in a good way. So I would say that you can really feel some of the things that nobody would’ve imagined the next Travis Scott album could’ve been like 3/4 years ago. You can feel Yeezus and early mixtapes influences for sure but what really stands out for me in this album is the production, oh my god that shit was crazy, talking from a producer pov. Either way I think this is easily one of my favorite Travis’ albums so far. 9/10.

    (sorry for my English im Italian 🙏)

    • yxurstrulyxx says:

      as another producer im glad you mentioned that vocal chop in sirens, the way travis transitioned it into a synth is wildd

    • Gabriel Pană says:

      Your english is great bro, trust yourself more, you provided us with some really nice commentary

    • 7VN says:

      @Gabriel Pană ay thanks bro hahahah appreciate it 🙏

    • 7VN says:

      @yxurstrulyxx that was fucking crazy ngl

    • fadethechannel says:

      I wouldn’t have known English wasn’t your first language if you hadn’t said so lol I wish I was as good in my second language 😂 anyway how would you rank this against Rodeo production wise?

  2. Blockaye The 2nd says:

    Trav absolutely did his thing on this album

  3. Pux says:

    This album might be one of the best first listens I’ve had in a long time for a rap record. It really encapsulates an atmosphere that is so interesting and peculiar, but at the same pretty familiar for a Travis record. It’s like the combination of all of Travis’ strengths and was absolutely worth the wait imo

    • João, O Hwcksss says:

      you was expecting another astroworld thing? i think its this expectations that was ruining some experiences out there, this is a nice album fr, hope utopia grow up on ppl in some time

    • Biased Sports Fan says:

      @João, O Hwcksss yep, I kept my expectations low because I knew some people were going to be expecting something like rodeo or astroworld, and it worked! It was an amazing experience, and I loved most of the songs on the album tbh. People just gotta have an open mind instead of expecting perfection.

    • urm0msf1lthy says:

      i thought the same thing + i was smoking weed w ma shorty so we was vibin fr

    • Bucheria says:

      @Biased Sports FanSame. I kept my expectations very low and after 2 listens I can say this is Top 2 Travis and aoty. Incredible project and worth the 5 year wait. No skips.

    • Pooks says:

      Me and my friend were texting each-other listening to it when it first dropped texting each other like DAYUMMM

  4. Vizer490 says:

    I think most of the people calling this album mid/trash wanted an Astroworld 2. I feel like they wanted hits and mega bangers, but were disappointed when we got more album cuts, and experimentation. 8/10 for me

  5. Hikmat Mohammadi says:

    You can hear the Kanye influence all throughout this album and I love it. Utopia is refreshing, innovative, and immersive. It’s not Astroworld 2 or Rodeo 2, it’s it’s own thing and it was not at all what I expected, but everything I wanted. Well worth the wait, in my opinion.

  6. slothsavedearth says:

    0:30 – HYAENA
    1:31 – THANK GOD
    2:38 – MODERN JAM
    3:45 – MY EYES
    5:40 – GOD’S COUNTRY
    6:27 – SIRENS
    7:17 – MELTDOWN
    8:37 – FE!N
    9:15 – DELRESTO
    11:09 – I KNOW ?
    11:49 – TOPIA TWINS
    14:05 – CIRCUS MAXIMUS
    16:00 – PARASAIL
    16:52 – SKITZO
    19:02 – LOST FOREVER
    19:53 – LOOOVE
    21:35 – K-POP (skipped)
    21:53 – TELEKENISIS

  7. NBA Backcourt Media says:

    Honestly I thought this was incredible. The production as expected is amazing, but it takes a bit of a new direction while still feeling like Travis. His rapping is the best it’s ever been, flows are insane, features mostly deliver, and he actually has some pretty nice lines and verses writing wise. The soundscape of this project is just beautiful. Top 5 album this year, first listen feels like a 9/10 barely any misses here, made me like Travis so much more.

    • NAMAN says:

      Travis inspires me.. My parents said if i get 35K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • dpw 04 says:

      feels like he’s experimenting for a future sound

    • Aldrian Spalding says:

      i honestly think its the best album this year not top 5, hip hop wise its been pretty weak this yr, but Utopia is insane

    • Jason Hollenberg says:

      Great takes but what 4 albums would be better than this? To me it’s arguably best album of the decade

  8. Sabata Dzingwe says:

    The Influence of Kanye’s sound on this album is immaculate, you can hear shades of Yeezus, MBDTF & Ye. The production is clean, the features are clean especially Carti’s, he just has that style that you can’t replicate. UTOPIA is a good 8/10, reason why I took out the two points was for him not adding Kanye on Telekinesis, and he changed the original version of Lost Forever, which got me mad asf

    • Gekkingga says:

      Bro Kanye never finishes his verses nowadays he was not gonna be on Future Sounds

    • 0317Stanley says:

      Kanye probably never had enough material finished for Future sounds so I dont stress that one. But gods country ? That song like 5 years in the making and kanye has a completed verse for that, it is dated but with the production team on this shit I know they could have mastered it and made it a 4 minute song. It hurt not to see kanye on Gods country, especially since the mf religious and been preaching the gospel for past few albums. Big L tbh. Smh

    • JS says:

      Bro, Travis influenced and worked on Yeezus!
      What are you on?!?!

    • Gekkingga says:

      @JS bro worked on 2 songs

    • Dylan Walker says:

      I feel like the beat switch fits Westside Gunn’s verse more

  9. Solar says:

    In my opinion this album was amazing. People expect trap and rap from travis and wanted an astroworld 2, but then will criticize him once he doesnt change his flow and tracks, its a breath of fresh air. Not to mention utopia was never meant to be a rap album, its primarily meant to put you in a trance when you listen. As soon as utopia dropped all people did was criticize the lack of “hits” the album has. If you thoroughly listen to each track with an open mind you’ll definitely enjoy it. The whole album had great production and beat selections, its also refreshing to see him try some new styles and flows like modern jam delrestro. Features also came in and did their thing, overall i would definitely listen to this over and over its just so psychedelic.

    • The Protagonist Dies says:

      agreed dope album and very fun

    • CRXW! says:

      Bouta listen again off shrooms as soon as I get out this meeting. 💀

    • coolpilot569 says:

      ​@CRXW!Was just thinking the same thing😂. Album boutta take you out of this world

    • Jerry Dodrill Jr. says:

      The production is immaculate as always, but what I really get from this album is that even the production isn’t enough to carry this one. I love Travis’s music so it pains me to admit it but lyrically this is easily his worst, and his vocal melodies on this are just boring. The only redeeming quality to this project is the production imo.

  10. JO says:

    I don’t think Travis or his feature overstays on any part of the album. Everything last just long enough, and then he hits you a clean transition, or new flow to keep you interested. A lot of songs from many artist could be cut down b/c it gets repetitive, but Travis does it just right, and every track is as long as it needs to be

    • R B says:

      Skitzo imo. Travis just has nothing to say for 4 minutes of spitting, he’s boring when he tries to prove he’s not just the fortnite vibes guy

    • Nostalgia Harvey says:

      @R BA Fortnite guy vibes? Tf🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Nostalgia Harvey says:

      @R Bhe is beyond more than that my boy idk what you talking about

    • R B says:

      @Nostalgia Harvey i’m not saying that’s what he is, that’s just the reputation from most casual listeners. so he tries rap-rapping as hard as he can to prove them wrong

    • Nostalgia Harvey says:

      @R B um he been rapping like this bro for years. Talking about ‘rap rapping to hard to prove them wrong” dude he doesn’t have prove anything to anybody. That’s literally Travis Scott.

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