True Facts: The Curious Adaptations of Sharks

True Facts: The Curious Adaptations of Sharks

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Special Thanks to:
Save Our Seas Foundation,
Dr Barbara E. Wueringer, Sharks and Rays Australia
In Australia please report your sawfish sightings to
Dr George Lauder, Harvard University,
Jonathan R. Green,
Dr David Gruber,
Dr Andrew Chin, James Cook University
Dr Dean Grubbs, Florida State University
Dr Brooke Flammang, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Marco Carè : TGI Maldives-TGI Halaveli
Anna & Ned DeLoach,
ZooWild YouTube,
Florida Scuba Divers,
Julie Higgs,
Fat Fish Movies,
Smithsonian Institute
Airflow across a wing:


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    Go to to get a 30-day free trial + the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual subscription.

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      Great choice of thumbnail

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      Fun fact: There is a venomous freshwater shark called a Spiny Dogfish or Spurdog shark.

  2. L. Wilson says:

    “Many sharks can swim quite quickly. This comes in handy, because sharks live in places where there are sharks.”
    This is both hilarious and profound. I love your writing.

  3. dm9910 says:

    “sharks live in places where there are sharks” is definitely one of the True Facts of all time

  4. LFTR_React says:

    “Every time you see a shark your ear whispers to your nose, ‘that could have been us'”.
    Thank you Ze Frank! I never knew why the hell they kept doing that until today!

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    I could watch this man talk about any topic for hours 😂

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    Sometimes I wonder how much more educated I could’ve been if public education made learning even half as fun as this man does. 😂

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    how is 15 minutes of Ze Frank more informative than 5 weeks of shark week

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    As a physicist, I will never refer to turbulence as anything other than ‘mushy-mushy’ ever again.

  9. Masud Rana says:

    The level of research and effort invested in these videos is truly astounding. Additionally, he manages to transform mundane topics into an enjoyable learning experience.

  10. Denisia Rose says:

    Ze, Jerry, and the science Nerds, Thanks for taking all the facty facts stuff from shark week and breaking it down to 15mins. No annoying B-list celeb’s makes it even better!

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