Tyler Childers – In Your Love (Official Video)

Tyler Childers – In Your Love (Official Video)

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I will wait for you
Til the sun turns into ashes
And bows down to the moon
I will wait for you

It’s a long hard war
Ah but I can grin and bare it
Cause I know what the hell I’m fighting for
And I will wait for you

We were never made to run forever
We were just meant to go long enough
To find what we were chasing after
I believe I found it here in your love

I will stand my ground
I’m a bad man looking for takers
You’re the finest thing around
So I will stand my ground

Cause it’s cold out there
And you know some men search for ages
For the love that I have found
So I will stand my ground

We were never made to run forever
We were just meant to go long enough
To find what we were chasing after
I believe I found it here in your love

Honey I will wait for you
Honey I will stand my ground

I will work for you
Til my hands are tired and bleedin’
I know what it is from us I’m needin’
I will work for you

Like a team of mules
Pulling Hell off from its hinges
It’s the love that I’ll keep tendin’
I will work for you

We were never made to run forever
We were just meant to go long enough
To find what we were chasing after
I believe I found it here in your love

Honey I will wait for you
Honey I will stand my ground
I will work for you
I will stand my ground

DIRECTOR – Bryan Schlam
WRITTEN BY – Silas House
PRODUCED BY– Kacie Barton
PRODUCED BY– Whitney Wolanin
PRODUCED BY – Nicholas Robespierre
PRODUCED BY– Ian Thornton
PRODUCED BY – Silas House
STORY BY – Silas House and Jason Kyle Howard
PARTNER – Mark De Pace
PARTNER – Zachary Mortensen
EXEC PRODUCER – Kacie Barton
LINE PRODUCER – Whitney Wolanin
HMU – Nichole Lim
CASTING – Harriet Greenspan
1st AD – Eric Williams
2nd AD – Quinn Cooke

EDITOR – Bryan Schlam
VFX – John Stanch
COLOR – Company 3 – Matt Osbourne
COLOR PRODUCER – Dan Butler / Matt Moran

JASPER – Colton Haynes
MATTHEW – James Scully
NED – Matthew James Ballinger
ELDER JASPER – James Carey
-Thomas De Braun
-Brent Greene
-Russell Terry
-Benjamin Wilson
FARMER – Silas House
-Adam Tanaka
-Andi Tillman
-Dara Tiller
-Casey Campbell
DOCTOR – Robert Ridhage
BARTENDER – Ashley Barber
-Cameron Bortz
-Hunter Jones
-William Arthur
-Steven Handeland
-Courtne Moran
-Kayla Powell
-Jason Howard
-Reece Hassell

VP, Video & Visual Content Production – Nicholas Robespierre
Director, Video & Visual Content Production – Win Smith
Marketing – Aaron Stern
Manager – Ian Thornton
Manager – Michael Corcoran

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22 Responses

  1. Amanda Ledgar says:

    The fact this song describes my parents’ love for each other, and my dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer on Monday. And he’s dying. I’m over here, crying like a baby. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Tyler’s music any more than I already did.

  2. Gabe Glass Music says:

    Tyler is out here making grown men cry at 9am on a Thursday

  3. Jackie Wilda says:

    I hate that our love has to be traumatic for people to care. But I’m so thankful for you and this. Thank you.

    • Caty says:

      Scripture says it will be far more traumatic at the end of your life if you do not turn away and repent. This is true for all of us. It will be worse by far than any video. If you think telling the truth in love is hateful, then I’m hateful.

    • Brandi Vining says:

      @Catynot everyone believes as you do. Let people be.

    • Kristen Butcher says:

      ​@islandtime9709 pretty self centered, eh?

  4. Winter Wonderland says:

    This is a masterpiece!!! One day we will look back and wonder how we could have treated human beings in such a way, I can’t wait for a day when safety won’t seem like such a far off dream.

    • Miller Holler says:

      Nothing to do with safety. There is a whole month dedicated to it. And we all know gay people. It ain’t a big deal. I have gay family members and I would never love them any less because of it. But when people spend their money on entertainment they will spend it with values that align with their own. Tyler just Bud Lighted 80% of his fan base. Real coal miners like Tyler. Guarantee you they won’t be crying together around the water cooler watching this video. They will be ripping it and throwing their TC merch down the mine

    • Camron Morgan says:

      ​@millerhollermusic Cope harder buddy. 80% of his fans know who Tyler is. Long Violent History should have weeded out all of the hateful people a long time ago.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I saw him perform this at Bonnaroo last month and it was absolutely spiritual 😮‍💨

  6. hammy says:

    My friend you have truly done it again. Beautiful song brother

  7. schoobyfoo says:

    Thank you for your beautiful songs and for speaking out for others 👏♥️👏

  8. Misty James says:

    Beautiful 🎶❣️🤘

  9. Annalise says:

    Weeping. Absolutely wrecked. Thank you for this 💜💜💜

  10. Seth Wade says:

    Everything about this was needed. The humility that Tyler role models in his music and in the public eye is despritly appreciated as his soul defines what it means to be a good man and moreso a good human.

    I welcome that through songs like this there will be fewer bigots, haters, and facists at his shows.

    Thank you Tyler. Keep doin what you do brother.

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