Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou: Full Fight Highlights | Main Event | Fox Sports Australia

Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou: Full Fight Highlights | Main Event | Fox Sports Australia

Catch all the big moments from Tyson Fury’s split decision win over Francis Ngannou!

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33 Responses

  1. Aesthetics Hunter says:

    People thought he’s just looking for a payday. This man came from the gutters and was here to prove his worth, he wanted to take Fury’s head off and he did great, massive respect.

  2. DaXCV 🏴‍☠️ says:

    Both of these men are ultimately the best kind of people you’d want to be around. From their trials in their past to where they are today says a lot. Francis has a rough beginning much rougher than Tyson but Tyson was on a suicidal route of destruction and pulled himself out to be who he is today! WHAT A FIGHT!!!

  3. lewis sell says:

    Francis was absolutely solid in this fight, could definitely make it as a boxer if he so wanted. Shocked me big time that this was his first boxing match

  4. Clem MN says:

    Je penses que personne a vu le même combat que les arbitres.. ^^ Grand respect a Ngannou pour son combat !!

  5. Serge Maurice Mbadinga says:

    What a performance by Francis Ngannou! Wow! Wow! Never ever underestimate the Heart of a Champion.

  6. Darko Ilić says:

    Respect for Ngannou. Man has showed big heart and respect to all throughout his career. Given his life circumstances it is inspirational. If he had proper boxing technique we can only wonder how far would he had gone…

  7. Atikul Islam says:

    Francis is the real deal. He has proven a lot of doubters wrong.

  8. John Aboshim says:

    Ngannou has the single most inspiring stories I have read. Man’s legend

  9. A D says:

    Francis got the touch of death. In MMA that would of been game over. Mad respect for both.

  10. Magnum says:

    They didn’t let Ngannou win because it would have been a disgrace to the heavyweight boxing world. The victory is normally awarded to Ngannou he did an extraordinary job, his way of protecting himself, of hitting, of moving, of having touched Tyson Fury so much. this victory was stolen, being a former boxer myself, I very quickly felt that Ngannou was going to dominate the fight. it’s a world of cheats and corrupt people. my friend Francis, you have accomplished a lot, you started from nothing and here you are at the top, you are victorious !!!

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