UFC 281: Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 281: Post-Fight Press Conference

Following UFC 281, tune in to the Post-Fight Press Conference to hear the athletes take questions from the media.

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40 Responses

  1. MellifluousMike says:

    Feel so sad for Frankie Edgar, a true legend of the fight game and one that will go down in history. Hope he doesn’t take this to hard, he was devastated after the fight. You’re a legend Frankie, fought some of the greatest to do it and beat most of them. Love all your older fights but your one against Ya-rear Rodriguez was devastating, you smashed a guy that everyone else has struggled with, even Max. Look forward to listening to what you have to say on your podcast, big fan of it.

    • Julio Villarreal says:

      To top it off, instead if bro congradulating edgar on hes career during hes post fight interview W/joe rogan this mf used hes tv time to market some lame ass instagram betting page.

  2. Brandon Hanson says:

    This was without doubt, the best card I’ve seen in such a long time. Every fight was a banger. Those 50k bonuses went exactly where they needed to go

  3. 15% Battery says:

    The reporter grilling Dana about Stipe Miocic, francis, Jon Jones & whats the deal with the HW division was a real ball breaker….Have that guy at all the post fight press conferences…😂😂

  4. Pavel Berny says:

    Pereira… I look at him and say do I have to knock him out and Glover says you do have to knock him out and then I say okay let’s do it 😂😂😂 What a dude 👌

    • Doug Chism says:

      I think he could have won the fight earlier and easier but he needed that motivation to let his hands go and take more risk. Its very difficult because Israel was making him pay with very damaging counters, but if he wanted to be champ he needed to push through and he did.

    • alejandro says:

      @Nevada State Athletic Commission What you think Alex has no skill? You know nothing about fighting, the guy is so skillful and there is a lot of IQ behind his fighting, it is not just power

    • Chris Clyde says:

      @Nevada State Athletic Commission flail arms? Did you not see his striking? It was far from failing

    • jfloyo11 says:

      I picked alex to win by TKO…he won me a 4 man parlay

    • Nevada State Athletic Commission says:

      Alex is pretty much the middleweight version of Francis Ngannou. Way bigger and stronger than everyone, when in doubt I’ll just flail my arms around and KO my opponent instantly… Tons of “skill” on display… lol.

  5. Tihetris Weathersby says:

    Poirier vs chandler was a blast, Two beasts going at it

  6. Lewis Bromilow says:

    Man seeing Reyes fall from grace is crazy, other then the first Alex G fight he’s the only guy i definitely thought beat Jones and now he’s getting knocked out by jabs 😢

    • Doug Chism says:

      He keeps rushing in wide open, chin up with his head on the center line. Yeah it was a jab but he was moving in really fast multiplying the impact and it hit him flush on the chin. Look at his loses, with the exception of Jiri, every KO his hands were down at his waist and chest and his chin up in the air. He needs to bury his chin in his chest and keep his hands up when he is moving into range if he isnt going to move his head.

    • Julio Villarreal says:

      He got knocked out by a lil jab at that

    • Servant Michael says:

      Eyes got horribly robbed against Jones. He knows that this would’ve made him one of the greatest and the only one to beat Jones. That can make anyone lose faith in the UFC & kill your morale.

    • marcin zygmunt says:

      Yeah his chin is gone but not only that I didn’t realize how small the guy is compare to a lot of 205ers. Crazy he gave Jones a run and now he canvas sleeping everytime

    • bje11675 says:

      It happens

  7. ProducShuns says:

    Let’s be honest, Dana’s main event is the press conference, he lives for it.

  8. Dali Bo Furnell says:

    Ah everyone has been such a good sport, respect to each person, respect and appreciation for the energy shift, my entire mood was totally lifted thanks you guys

    • Hindutva says:

      Alex Pereira is a Muslim.. if you don’t believe me.. please Google about him.. So please don’t promote this guy..

      Jai Sri Ram..

  9. Errick Flesch says:

    Grace and humility in defeat. To me, that speaks more about Chandler than a loss. Great battle Michael. Awesome fight.

  10. Bradley Love says:

    Alex seems like a humble champion and that is nice to see. Good to see new talent like this in UFC.

    • IV-T K says:

      @MellifluousMike What?!?!? Izzy gave credit to Alex and losers like you are still hating….damn.

    • Michael Alali-G says:

      @Pampers Dude if you count this 3rd fight as a knockout win for Pereira, then you should also count their second fight as a win for Izzy because instead of giving Izzy the win by TKO the darned referee steps in and gives Alex Pereira a standing 8 count thus giving him time to recover and come back and knock Izzy out. Plus, Izzy was robbed in the first fight. Yes, Pereira got the win this time and he is a great knockout artist and talented fighter but in their two previous fights he was lucky to have won.

    • sanpedro92 says:

      Alex is officially izzys daddy 3-0

    • 1206-Arghyadip Das says:

      ​@Nevada State Athletic Commission according to ur statement Israel’s title defences again rob and jared were bullshit

    • Kevin Freitas says:

      @Nevada State Athletic Commission By your words then, Izzy lost to a genuinely terribly fighter.

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