UFC 294 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

UFC 294 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

Khamzat Chimaev and foe Kamaru Usman are all systems go – as usual. Champ Alexander Volkanovski reacts to a surprise second chance. Johnny Walker looks to make a statement; Usman packs like a pro. Champ Islam Makhachev trains with legend Khabib. Don’t miss UFC 294 on Saturday, October 21.


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45 Responses

  1. D BLAKE says:

    Hell of a card. Respect to Usman & Volkanovski. Saving 294.

    • Shite on the bus says:

      Yep they’re the definition of stud

    • Chris Griffin says:

      Tony Ferguson is a one trick pony! his wins

      • Journeyman Kevin Lee with staph infection
      • Journeyman Edson Barboza with illegal upkick that changed course of the fight
      • 36 year old Cowboy Cerrone who fought 4 weeks earlier in a 5 round war vs Al Iaquinta lost his next fight
      • Rafael Dos Anjos who was depleted & suffering from the IV Ban, KO’d by Eddie Alvarez in his last fight and moved to 170 right after. Pre-IV Ban RDA would’ve smoked him.
      • Washed Pettis who lost to Nate Diaz & Diego Ferreira right after fighting Tony
      • Split decision with journeyman Danny Castillo
      • short notice Journeyman Lando Vanatta who almost KO’d him

      he isn’t the boogeyman u all think he is! only casuals disagree! prime eddie, dustin, mj (already did), Justin (already did), Conor, Pre-IV RDA & Dustin destroy him

    • I identify as a shark says:

      Imagine they pull out and it’s islam vs gamrot and khamzat vs some janitor

    • zoya k says:

      @Chris Griffin”pre-iv ban rda” is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard 😂😂😂 just because dos anjos couldnt use iv’s mean tonys win over him wasnt legitimate? iv’s or no iv’s, no version of rda beats prime tony

    • Keenan Wong says:

      @Chris Griffin Agreed! Same with Khabib

  2. LurkingLegion says:

    I respect the shit out of Usman. He lost the belt via brutal head kick, lost the rematch, and is now fighting one of the scariest fighters in all of the UFC on 10 days notice. He’s bad ass man.

  3. GothamChess says:

    Volkanovski and Usman are killers. I’m so hyped for this card

  4. art_of_comedy says:

    Damn, Javier getting teary eyed just by how much he’s respected and appreciated by the eagle team is amazing to see, to have a full room of killers that’s been training since 5 years old listen to what you see must be a feeling only a few can experience,

  5. JerraMalo says:

    This is proof you dont need drama, but just skill and talent to create a highly anticipated card

  6. J M says:

    To think that a guy like Usman or Volk doesn’t train 7 and a half days a week even during their off time is to dangerously underestimate them. I’m so stoked for this card even more than before.

    • no Di says:

      Real fans know what’s up
      The casuals will be casuals

    • MaiqTyson says:

      Big difference between training to keep in shape and training for a fight though. They’re at massive disadvantages, but they’re also both as elite as it gets so who knows what happens.

    • Sssneksss says:

      Volk was literally on holiday 2 weeks ago in my city in australia lol, mans definitely want in fight shape

    • J M says:

      @MaiqTyson oh yes 100% fight camp shape and normal everyday fitness are two totally different things. But that’s what I’m saying about Volk and Usman though they are not your average fighters. This isn’t just some random top 15 contender coming off the couch is all I’m saying.

  7. Milton Gordon says:

    You already know people are hyped for 294 when the first Embedded episode gets 10k views in 10 minutes. This is going to be insane!

  8. Cineris says:

    I think the biggest mistake here is expecting “crowd support” to affect either Volk’s or Usman’s performance. Neither was exactly well liked and both consistently had to face “crowd favorites” on their come ups. Even after attaining dominant champ status the boos and jeers rolled in. Volk’s star kind of changed over night at a certain point. Usman’s never really did.

    Both those guys have rock solid mental foundation in the cage.

    • The Eagle says:

      both of those crusaders will eat the canvas

    • Zavian B says:

      They have never felt a lack of support like they will this time, even for usman, since last time he was there it was against Jorge, not the most hyped Muslim fighter ever

    • Caspean Sea FX says:

      Yeah you are right. The difference is this time crowd will not go crazy everytime Volks breathing like in Aussie which made it looked like Volks did something even if he was punching air lmao. Makachev by whatever he wants.

    • Erock Stoenescu says:

      @The Eagle you wish. Maybe usman but Alex ain’t going out like that. Even on 10 days notice.

    • Cineris says:

      @Zavian B I find it odd you would think a single fighter’s popularity, would be more of a mental test than being a dominant champion and still being hated.

  9. Matthew - Full Stack Developer - REACT,TYPESCRIPT says:

    “If you dare to be great, greatness can happen” ~ Usman I like that

  10. M R says:

    Gotta be one of the most anticipated weeks of Embedded in a LONG time. Hopefully the Usman slander gets put to rest because he is going against a KILLER

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