Ukrainian officials say missiles hit Russia warship

Ukrainian officials say missiles hit Russia warship

Ukrainian forces said they hit and badly damaged the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Russia said its crew was forced to evacuate as a result of a fire without acknowledging an attack.

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29 Responses

  1. AndrewAswang says:

    In Novo Soviet Russia: Small accidents happen; Ship accidentally hit missile and small fire started.

  2. Kim Sun says:

    Ukraine: “We popped the ship with a missile.”
    Putin: “Our sailors were smoking.”

  3. Jaws10214 says:

    Russian MoD; “that ship didnt sink, we upgraded it to a submarine!”

  4. ET Himself says:

    I am starting to learn some of the Ukrainian language these days. Love it👍👍

  5. Vengeful8 Gaming says:

    Imagine if the Russians sunk there own ship cause there hearing there comrades getting reinstated to come back. Guaranteed the ukraines hit it tho.

  6. Lance Dnalrevah says:

    Makes sense to me, what with all the tanks and vehicles exploding, why wouldn’t a warship spontaneously catch fire and explode?

  7. RickTheClipper says:

    The warship Moskva has not sunk it has simply been reclassified as a new type of one-way submarine and is on a special underwater mission

  8. mwtrolle says:

    Maybe they already delivered some, I know that Ukrainians say it was USSR Neptune missiles, but really no one knows. Guess it’s politically easier to claim so than acknowledging that it’s UK or Norwegian missiles.

  9. Billyjoesmo says:

    two Neptune missiles which have a range of 160 miles which the ship was a hundred miles from Odessa for the third day in a row it was using a pattern in wish you do not do in Wartime

  10. Tom K says:

    90% it was an accident or malfunction. 10% missile hit.
    One has to remember recently a large US helicopter carrier burned down. Before that few years ago, a US submarine burned down. Very recently Iranian ship burned down. And none of these were in combat.
    We see once its in port – it should be rather clear if it was a missile or just simply internal explosion. Ship is out of action for at least a month or more. Its old, may not even get fixed if its too damaged. Ship only used its main guns to shell shore, it does not have kalibr missiles that are actually used to precision hit UA targets.

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