UMvC3 – Lobby Shenanigans 6 (feat. Maximilian Dood)

UMvC3 – Lobby Shenanigans 6 (feat. Maximilian Dood)

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@IHeartJustice, @DNOplz, @Thatsthemixup @tommallama9663, @PaperBoxHouse, @Maximilian_Dood @PringusMcDingus @Xanfel

Thumbnail & Art:



Maximilian Dood Assets:
@alpha00zero @spinnymotion4158

UMvC3 Mods:

Patch Notes Animation:

Contract & Booing Animations:

Sick Wesker, Happy Doom, Trial & “Dante Yo” Animations:

Arthur & Morrigan Animations:

Hulk Gets Evaporated Animation:

“The Gang Pick’s Alfred’s Team” Animation

B.S.A.A Animation:

Card Trick Animation:

Become Content Animation

I’ll add music later I’m very tired

Cropped Wesker at animation 14:25 from @speedoru

Drip or drown art by @zayion3168

Anything I’ve missed or not credited please give me an @ on twitter so I can at least add it to the description!

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37 Responses

  1. Lythero says:

    Download Empires & Puzzles today on the Appstore and Google Play!:

  2. Berd says:

    rest in peace viewtiful joe 🙁

  3. Maximilian Dood says:

    I almost broke a rib when Joe’s V-Tech just kicked in yo

  4. Doobus Goobus says:

    Thank you for letting me animate a mauling. that was pretty neato.

  5. Ravenatort says:

    My goddamn sides hurt after the total Hulk evaporation. Just Alfred screaming “HEEEELLLLP” as he’s getting melted, Gary screaming in the background, and Dno saying he has rabies just *slayed* me.

  6. Kleigen says:

    1:07 As always, let your imagination fly
    6:37 Dripping past memories… and tomato deluge great myth
    10:42 And don’t know if it hurts or makes me laugh.
    11:39 Your nuts screaming for pain
    12:42 George of the Jungle vs Tarzan
    17:28 33:07 Legends comes more than twice
    19:21 Or his redesign in the remake
    21:48 The new Discord opening sound
    24:17 Nero seeing if he still have bullets on his revolver after seeing another family shenanigans.
    30:16 Just remember that your Jordan’s are fake
    37:23 Style is ART 38:03 Again… with STYLE
    39:26 In that moment, Max felt the true terror.
    43:27 Legends tells of a saltier place than Dead sea.

  7. masterpaladin says:

    15:17 Dante just casually strutting into getting hit is exactly the kind of goofy thing he’d do.

  8. Covetous Cat says:


  9. Sir Bone-Head says:

    A Doobus animation and Max fighting with the Shenanigoons was definitely something I needed.

  10. J-Anne Bonne says:

    15:40 Gary going through one of Shuma’s BnBs like it was nothing just killed me! It killed me and I don’t know why it kills me!

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