IndyCar EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: 107th Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway | Motorsports on NBC

IndyCar EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: 107th Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway | Motorsports on NBC

Watch extended highlights from the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500 from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. #NBCSports #IndyCar #Indy500
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NBC Sports – the home of motorsports – features unparalleled motorsports programming, fueled by the network’s media rights agreements with NASCAR and IndyCar, NBC Sports has more than 1,500 hours of motor sports coverage spanning NASCAR, IndyCar, Monster Energy AMA Supercross, Pro Motocross Championship, SuperMotocross World Championship, IMSA, MotoGP, World Superbike, Nitrocross, and Dakar Rally. Subscribe to our channel for the latest motors news and highlights!

NBC Sports Group is the exclusive rights holder to every IndyCar race beginning in 2019. The new agreement is all-encompassing and includes broadcast, cable, digital, streaming and direct-to-consumer rights for all IndyCar Series races. This line-up also includes the coveted Indy 500, one of the most prestigious events in all of sports, which will be broadcast on NBC.

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IndyCar EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: 107th Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway | Motorsports on NBC

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47 Responses

  1. DennyDelivers says:

    imagine being that guy calling to your insurance company and saying that a firestone tire off of kyle kirkwood’s car flew and hit your car…

  2. Gentleman Driver SimRacing says:

    Palou had the pace. To lose the wing and end in 4th is quite impressive.

  3. Jared Richardson says:

    What an intense race. I couldn’t tell who was going to win. The Indy 500 really delivered this year with lots of action

    • S.KullRandom says:

      Not to mention, the coverage complemented the action. Something a certain network on the NASCAR schedule fails to provide… And just presents cringe programming when rain delays that race. Can’t wait for NBC to take over

    • Bevan McNicholl says:

      @S.KullRandom Thats mostly because nascar and indy car style racing doesnt offer enough reason to have the money invested in it

    • steve harrigan says:

      @Bevan McNicholl The ISMA Supermodifieds are more exciting to watch than NASCAR and INDY combined……The cars look better as well…..And they each look different, no cookie cutters here, and no big corporations either………The ISMA supers are the most exciting and different oval track cars hands down.

    • Bevan McNicholl says:

      @steve harrigan I mean for oval racing yes I agree sprint cars will always in any country and any cars be better than them

    • steve harrigan says:

      @Bevan McNicholl Sprint cars and supermodifieds are not even remotely related….Supers run on asphalt ONLY, and they run a completely different chassis design……

  4. Hagen says:

    So tragic for Pato 🙁 but congrats Josef Newgarden!!! Well deserved

  5. Igor Dominici Mendonça says:

    What a race! What a last lap! And he went to the fans! 🎉

  6. Frank Dalla says:

    I will never regret spending 11 days at Indy once in my lifetime. It truly is an event to behold…

  7. Omega Team Sports says:

    What a a race! You know it’s good when you’re not there and you get chills! Congratulations to newgarden!

  8. Mike Johnson says:

    Thank you NBC Sports for giving us the fantastic highlights! What a race this was. Crazy.

  9. Rapidshot says:

    13:27 You know this race was tense when the commentators are arguing 😂

    • noggin says:

      To be fair, Townsend just loves Santino (which is already really suspicious and annoying considering the Ferrucis are terrible people) and he was being an idiot. The tire was clearly over the line, he just refused to see it because he wanted to see Ferruci win. Which is gross.

    • Robert Sanders says:

      Too bad Paul Tracy wasn’t in the booth, wouldn’t have been an argument, would have been a fight! 😂

    • ItMeRagnarok says:

      @Robert Sanders it wasnt an argument theres a line and the tires over it.

  10. coko7497 says:

    Race to remember! 🏆🏁 Thanks to God no one hurt by that tire. 🙏

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