UNHhhh ep 174 – Complaining

UNHhhh ep 174 – Complaining

They’re baaack! Trixie and Katya are kicking off season 7 with the best advice for professional women: Get your f*cking ass up and complain. It seems like no one wants to complain these days. You have to surround yourself with people who want to complain.

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Produced by
Pete Williams

Edited by
Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill
Paul Detrick

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23 Responses

  1. Camryn Cook says:

    I have never needed these two women more than I do now

  2. Baylie Owen says:

    Katya: “I don’t always wash my hands.”
    Also Katya: “I close the lid because I don’t want shit particles in the air.”

  3. Gabe Ryan says:

    To the editors: It’s ALWAYS amazing, but the word “direct” swirling around Katya was particularly stimulating.😏🤷🏻‍♂️🤣💯❤️

  4. Imberis says:

    The waterfall with Trixie’s screaming. Editing perfection.

  5. CarlDillynson says:

    Trixie: “I have almost no sympathy for people who don’t wanna work” *Lmao ok Kim Kardashian* 😂 “it’s like nobody wants to work these days”

  6. Matthew Chernesky says:

    And when the world needed them both, they came back! 🥰

  7. Zachariah The Witch says:

    “there’s a difference between complaining and advocating for oneself.” – YES. There’s a LOT of heauxs out there that need to understand stating that phrase doesn’t necessarily negate their shitty behavior. I cackled when you said that part. ha ha ha.

    • Tracy Runnels says:

      I feel often when marginalized people vocalize their plight, it’s interpreted as them complaining.
      When people of color, people with disabilities, and/or trans, nonbinary, or gay/queer women, or speaking we need to hear them whether it’s complaining or not.
      Especially since given our marginalized status, particularly in the workplace self advocacy is often our only means of getting our needs met in our voices heard.
      We have a negative connotation with complaining. This is a relic of toxic positivity, which is at best dated and at worst highly problematic. And is actually more harmful than complaining.
      Reducing complaining to being labeled as “shitty behavior,” is simplistic. It’s like saying all conflict is bad, or all criticism as bad. When we know that conflict can bring resolution, and criticism can breed improvement.
      Instead of policing each other’s negative emotions about our individually lived experiences, we need to practice empathy and validate those experiences. Because acknowledging the negative is the only way we can move on from it.

  8. Michelle Hathorus says:

    Shout out to post production!! Even better than before!! “Daya” “Rhea” slayed me. I am dead.

  9. Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    The thing about flushing the toilet after closing the lid is something that is an absolute must in my house. I’ve made my entire family do it now. If I ever do it now accidently I feel so dirty

  10. Jay says:

    In such trying times, we need this show twice a week to stabilize our mental health 😂

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