Half in the Bag: Oppenheimer and The Hollywood Implosion

Half in the Bag: Oppenheimer and The Hollywood Implosion

Happy Barbenheimer everyone! Watch as these two elderly losers stall for half the video before finally discussing what some are calling the best movie of the year: Oppenheimer! In addition to that, Mike and Jay discuss the ongoing writer and actor strikes as well as it’s consequences on movies, theaters, streamers, audiences, and most importantly what effect it will have on David Zaslav. Won’t someone please think of poor David Zaslav?!

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39 Responses

  1. Travis M says:

    “I went deaf cuz the movie was so goddamn loud. I’ve had several panic attacks. It’s everything you want in a film.” – Jay’s review for Barbie

  2. Andreas Nordvall says:

    A surprisingly thoughtful prequel to the Godzilla franchise.

  3. Havvik says:

    I loved the discussion in the second half of the video. Also wanted to add that the first company to agree to every SAG-AFTRA demand is A24, a company that already makes money releasing unique modestly-budgeted movies!

  4. Bradley Green says:

    There was a woman behind me laughing at literally everything in Barbie. Someone would breathe and she’d be dying. I wish I enjoyed life as much as her.

  5. Lille Linné says:

    I think Mike enjoyed Oppenheimer a little extra just because he remembers WWII. I mean he was too old at the time to be in the war himself but winning the war is still a fond memory of his.

  6. Ian M says:

    Jay did so well at ‘Barbie or Oppenheimer’ because his 30 years of exposure to Mike’s humor has now made him immune to his tricks. We need another Mike v Jay trivia!

  7. LiveToThink says:

    These depressed elderly gentlemen should indeed watch Chernobyl. It’s gonna lift their spirits.

  8. susana venir says:

    Nolan doesn’t need a bird squawk half-way through. He needs Rich’s laugh!

  9. Rubbly says:

    Usually RLM has a “Rich Evans Laugh” in their videos every so often to keep the audience awake, but without that this one just put me to sleep 😴

  10. Ahmed Adel says:

    5:18 Mike getting out a piece of paper from his pocket always cheers me up

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