UNHhhh ep 184 – Emotions

UNHhhh ep 184 – Emotions

One day Katya decided that she didn’t want to be sad anymore. And it worked! This week Trixie and Katya delve into the complex world of human emotions. Find out if these two are emotionally dead inside.

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Produced by
Pete Williams

Edited by
Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill
Paul Detrick

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48 Responses

  1. María Alejandra H. says:

    Trixie checking her pulse whenever animatronics are mentioned kills me

  2. RollerSkatingRat says:

    Petition for an episode were they rate their Netflix looks

  3. William Daniel IV says:

    “I can’t believe they would take you out of your home just for a sprained ankle!”
    “Honestly………? Work.” Hahaha!
    I love Katya so freakin’ much.

  4. Guen says:

    “I quit gymnastic to become goth” is the best thing Katya has ever said

  5. anna neumaier says:

    “I can’t cry without crying” has big “when I close my eyes I can’t see” energy

  6. chaima ben. says:

    “she’s giving death 😔😢… but she’ll always serve 😌✨💅🏻” TOOK ME OUT I ALMOST BREATHED OUT MY KIDNEYS

  7. Christopher Smith says:

    I love Pete’s “Going back to the topic” and Trixie’s reaction

  8. Wyatt Benett says:

    Katya is the cryptic, vampire-hotel owner smoking out of a window, and Trixie is a Christian girl on vacation in the “big city” whose just a fun gal.

  9. P BV says:

    Trixie emotionally recalibrating when she’s walking towards someone who’s crying is the character growth we wanted to see

  10. Clara Tebbe says:

    petition for katya to host an animatronic version of the dating game feat. a terrified trixie

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