US Presidents Play Wii Sports Boxing

US Presidents Play Wii Sports Boxing

In the final game of Wii Sports, Donald seeks to get retribution from Michelle for the slander he received last game! Additionally, Barack tries to put Joe to sleep! Who will win and become the Wii Sports Champion?

DISCLAIMER: The following video contains AI generated voice clips of several real people. These voice clips are fabricated for the purposes of entertainment, and the depiction of these characters do not reflect their real life counterparts.

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50 Responses

  1. The Trap Lord says:

    Donald and Joe becoming friends was something I didn’t expect but it’s definitely funny

    • Brandon Manley says:

      @Dragokai180 umm… Frieza temporarily became Goku’s ally. I’m sure they were still a stretch from being “friends” lol.

    • Dragokai180 says:

      ​@Brandon Manley And became friends with Frieza because of Jiren

    • Internet Guy says:

      Are they not all friends in the President Cinematic Universe

    • Brandon Manley says:

      Enemies become friends when there’s a bigger threat. Like how Goku became friends with Piccolo because of Raditz, and became friends with Vegeta because of Frieza.

  2. John McMillan says:

    The “Stop the count!!” from Donald was truly perfect. Great videos!

  3. Master Freeze says:

    It’s hilarious how Joe and Donny are becoming better friends through each game

  4. Techstrobe says:

    the scriptwriter is really fantastic, this meme format is going to go far with this guy

  5. Kyson Benson says:

    Joes “kablamo” and Donald saying “good shit Joe” makes me cry😂

  6. Darkestdion says:

    Donald taking Joe for Dairy Queen at the end was wholesome.

  7. GLDEN FOREST says:

    I think there needs to be a Wii Sports Resort series after this.

  8. BowserJr476 says:

    “How bout we box and see whos sleeping by the end of it?” that line was way too hard 💀

  9. Strachs Bagens says:

    I love how the guys play through all 3 games in the series and just roast each other the whole time and completely ends with Trump and Joe getting ice cream! 😂

  10. Scorrr :) says:

    Joe’s “kablamo!” kills me every time 😂😂

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