USA vs. Mexico: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF Nations League | CBS Sports Golazo

USA vs. Mexico: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF Nations League | CBS Sports Golazo

Mexico take on the USA and Christian Pulisic in Las Vegas in the second Concacaf Nations League semifinal clash.

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51 Responses

  1. Irwin Vasquez says:

    I’m embarrassed for Mexico. To not be able to lose with grace and dignity is a bad look.

  2. Jordan Perdomo says:

    This was obviously one of the best performances of USA ever and I really liked Christian Pulisic’s Performance against Mexico today

  3. Leonardo Wilson says:

    The passion and attacking style football of this US men’s team is unlike anything we have seen from any of the previous squads. Gives me a lot of hope for 2026

  4. Mikey D Savage says:

    I love the chip on this US squad’s shoulders, chirping back all game, and never easing off. They came out after the half like THEY were down 2, rather than being ahead. And I love that the team is such a melting pot, with players who are the 1st generation of their families, that were born and raised in the US, with US Soccer being everything to them, but all bring their own style and flare to the game. Black, White, Latino, and Asian, all playing together as one. The way it should be. I love it.

  5. ethan Johnson says:

    This is why as Americans we love pulisic. Because even when he’s not showing up for his club, he’s here show in g up for his country. USA!!!

  6. Nextraker says:

    Mexico self destructed and took a couple US players down with them 😂Key players so the Canada game will be close.

  7. Hidevyn says:


  8. FJO 9 says:

    U.S soccer is going places like never before and Mexico is falling into a deep hole with no recovery. I remember the days when they said Mexico was the only Concacaf team capable to make any noise on the international world stage. Things switched up. The US team is so young and talented. They going to have Mexico’s number for a long time.

    • RaggaMuffiner says:

      No, the US plays in the concacaf from time to time and the teams in there make them look good. They’re a young team that is at best 25th in the world. They have time but don’t pretend they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Ozzy 818 says:

      @RaggaMuffiner are you in drugs? USA can beat any nation in any good day. England can’t beat us in the World Cup at all and we played better

  9. Peter Yellman says:

    Pulisic is looking razor sharp, fit, and healthy, and leading the way. Great stuff. Love this guy.

  10. Donovan Williams says:

    I love the young fan at the 6:07 mark who is rooting for both teams and clearly enjoying the match.

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