Spain vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Nations League Semifinals

Spain vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Nations League Semifinals

Spain and Italy clashed in the UEFA Nations League Semifinals. Both teams came in hot with early goals in the first minutes of the half. Spain’s Yeremy Pino smashed in a beautiful goal in the second minute to show their fury. Italy retaliated when Ciro Immobile scored an equalizer in the 11th minute. After the intense fist half, defenses tightened up until Spain found their opening in the 88th minute when Mato Joselu launched a rocket in the back of the net. Spain will now advance and face Croatia in the final.

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Spain vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Nations League Semifinals

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30 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Does Spain have what it takes to go up against Croatia in the final?

  2. Reid Pattis says:

    All credit to Italy. Very hard-fought match. I’m definitely grateful for the Spanish win. Croatia vs Spain is going to be an electric final.

    • Vittorio Luchi says:


      Spain is a better team technically. This coming from an Azzurri supporter.

      Italy are decades behind youth development.


    • Mystic One says:

      I have to say, that 1st goal was one of the dumbest I’ve ever seen. Total blunder, easily avoidable. Just dumb.

  3. D Bad_Man says:

    It might seem minor, but the way Fati let the ball roll through his leg was the key factor that started what lead to the goal. I haven’t seen him be this cheeky in awhile. After seeing how him and chiesa have fallen off, I am convinced injuries like what they suffered are career ending ones. I hope that in time, both of them get their feelings back and start balling again.

    • power 1 says:

      fati 50 g/a next season🤫

    • D Bad_Man says:

      @power 1 InshAllah brother 🙏🏾

    • FlareMancer says:

      It’s been really sad to see, I was so impressed with Fati when he first came through, he was the most exciting young talent in the world to me at the time. Even if he ends up at a high level again, I’ll never not be able to wonder what he could have been if not for that injury. Even if he ends up being a say, Neymar, level player, I’ll always wonder if he could have been Messi level. I really thought he was that good

    • Pull Up says:

      I don’t think he’ll be at what everyone though of him again, I never thought he was an elite player in the first place especially to be the number 10 at Barcelona, and now that he has no meniscus in his knee will definitively cut years off his career

    • D Bad_Man says:

      @Pull Up is that what he suffered? No meniscus in his knees? Are you sure that means he won’t be back anymore? He was definitely one of the best youngsters out there before his injury. His ability to score was perhaps at the same level of Mbappe at the time. I have faith. He can do it.

  4. Biscuit man says:

    I liked Morata early on but I feel like every time I come to watch a highlight once a while he’s ALWAYS missing something

  5. StayDrux says:

    what a great player rodri is. MVP In the Champions League final and the Nations League.

  6. shewa Itsolutions says:

    Despite the loss, this is the most promising Italian side in recent years in terms of possession and attacking.

  7. Zheng Wang says:

    Rodri and other city players already played a game just a few days after UCL final. Not sure if Grealish has woken up😂

  8. ulical says:

    Good match. Even though Spain dominated the second half and had more opportunities to score, Italy also had their chances and were extremely unlucky to lose a goal on the offsides call. I will say, as a long time Spain national team follower, that this was the best I’ve seen Spain play against a quality opponent in at least a couple of years. I like the fact that De La Fuente has kept a version of the possession game but also incorporated more direct tactics into Spain’s scheme. If I’m being frank, it kind of reminded me of how Spain played under Robert Moreno during the 2020 Eurocup qualifiers while Luis Enrique was on personal leave.

  9. Harry's Home says:

    I support Italy and I’m disappointed about this loss but I’m glad Spain is doing well and is still a very competitive team to play against, they have a very bright future. Perhaps by 2026 they will put the second star on their crests

    • j says:

      definitely a contender for next world cup

    • Mustafa Ahmed says:

      Lol these type of comments are so fake “I support this team but i hope the team that just beat my team succeed in the future” no one ever does that in real life

    • Ramiro G says:

      I’m a Spanish supporter but whenever Spain’s not playing I’m rooting for the other Latin countries. Italia and Portugal. I root for Italy to do well too. Not having Italy at world cups is a shame. Their a great team themselves I think they just had some bad luck recently. Italys future looks pretty good as well. I love watching Chiesa play. Forza Italia y Viva España!

    • Travis Winn says:

      @Mustafa Ahmed but it’s Harry Styles 🙂

    • LO says:

      @Mustafa Ahmed Don’t be salty, dude.

  10. Dark. scenes3578 says:

    I guess how Spain lost to Italy back in euro 2020 was because they didn’t play a forward but now the last 2 nations league Spain doesn’t make that same mistake like they did 2 year’s ago and Italy still has the same team with the same coach

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