Using $12,000 Air Diors as Work Boots

Using $12,000 Air Diors as Work Boots

After trying 25 other sub par work boot brands (REDWINGS) I have finally at last discovered the most quality pair of boots on planet earth. $12,000 Air Jordan Diors…… and they work better than you think…….. #hardwork

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19 Responses

  1. Defined Fate says:

    WhistlinDiesel needs to be the official tester of everything new that comes out.. And this needs to happen immediately.

  2. damon2772nomad says:

    I had a pair of Jordan’s as a kid. They were hand me downs and lasted me 3 years of abuse. Never liked the price point but were definitely one of the best shoes I ever used.

  3. Julia Red says:

    I can’t believe how they took all that and just look like they got little dirty. I’m so surprised to see that a pair of shoes worth 12k actually held up.

  4. Darin Anderson says:

    I love this video already just from the thumbnail, this guy has no f**** to give and I absolutely love it! He pissed me off in the beginning over a year ago watching him wreck everything he does. But knowing with all the haters he has out there and how he rubs it in their face after they say he’s washed up. I love his mental state about everything is material. Anyways keep up the good videos and keep up on hating your haters LOL

  5. Matthew Emanuele says:

    It makes me mad that they held up that well
    The only thing I would have done different would be to add a little more fabric softener and detergent

  6. Anthony Brewer says:

    Each and every single company needs to give their products a “whistlindiesel test”.

  7. Kerry Lewis says:

    I am shocked at how well these outrageously expensive shoes held up.

  8. DCD Laser & CNC says:

    This was so funny! I am really surprised they held up to Cody’s testing. Now you can sell them for $50,000 as “Survived Whistlin Diesel”. Lol

  9. Jake Makes says:

    The only thing that could’ve made this video better would’ve been testing a regular set of work boots side by side with them. I reaaalllyyyy wanna know how those redwings would have held up under all that.

  10. Peter Maccaroni says:

    Man I have to say I love how you are able to get under so many peoples skin by making these videos and wearing such expensive clothes. It makes me laugh so hard how you make these as I know that when you are saying how many people are getting angry about what you are doing you are exactly correct. Keep doing it it’s awesome.

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