Video Game Pricing

Video Game Pricing

This is a 2000 dollar video.

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48 Responses

  1. Xploshi says:

    When Nintendo wouldn’t sell us their classic retro titles Souljaboy had our backs

  2. Peterscraps says:

    This feels like a part one to a duo series.

  3. Phobos TK says:

    “imagine paying 900$ to play this”
    Apple: *Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!*

  4. Nobody Nobody says:

    If I recall, Gamestop sells “Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape” for FIFTY dollars.

  5. Pang says:

    The reason why people focus only on hyped new releases when they haven’t even tried the classics is because new video games, even single player games, are pop culture, and playing them is a social experience. People want to play what’s hot and relevant right now so they can be part of the conversation. You can go back and play Symphony of the Night if you want and that’s a great game, but everyone online and all your friends are playing Resident Evil 8 or Apex Legends or whatever and you don’t know how to talk to them anymore.

    • Bruhvenant says:

      You nailed it my man, this is something I’ve come to realize more and more. For a lot of people, consuming art is not something done for the sake of itself, but rather as a facet of social interaction. Everyone’s watching that new hot movie so they can talk about it, even if they absolutely hate it people still want to talk about it. The same is true for video games of course, and any kind of media really. The amount of people who engage with art on the level of purely appreciating it and critiquing it is quite small compared to the general public. I’m not trying to diss anyone who is like that either or be pretentious, it’s simply different preferences and priorities at the end of the day.

    • Farhan Paan says:

      I still wanna play Harvest moon back to nature man…

    • Sphinxfire says:

      @Lukmendes sure it’s always been there to some extent, but the FOTM thing has definitely become worse with internet hype culture.

    • RampageBlizzard says:

      That’s when you turn your friends onto good classic games. If they refuse, they’re closed minded and don’t know what they’re missing. Castlevania is an amazing series.

    • Bruno says:

      @Pang Not only that, but you also have to play on launch, day 1, no matter if it’s a singleplayer game. That’s why preordering is still a thing. Hell, even 2017 games are “old” depending on who you ask.

  6. Patterrz says:

    Game Pass is such a game changer, much less risk to play a ton of random games you never would have. I feel like people will go from playing like 3-4 games a year to MUCH more

    • Nafis Arafat says:

      @Ben Snow Yaap. Dropped art of rally and started playing Hades. GamePass really gives you the freedom to play any game you like.

    • anagoth9 says:

      My only worry is that with Microsoft buying up all the major developers is that they may eventually move gaming ENTIRELY to a subscription model like so many other software suites these days. Imagine waking up one day and Elder Scrolls 6 drops but it’s only available as a digital copy that you have to pay a monthly subscription for. Then you decide you don’t want to pay that subscription anymore and boom, your whole library of games is unavailable to you now. Hmmm, well, the PS6 is out now and I think I might want to switch to that console this generation. Well guess what? Now the subscription model is the industry standard, so now you need to pay a subscription to SONY to play any games. Or maybe you just really love playing RDR2, but one day you log on and it’s no longer there because Rockstar decided not to renew their licensing agreement with Microsoft in anticipation of starting their own competing streaming service.

      I know that probably doesn’t sound like that bad of a situation for some people. If you play MMOs a lot then you’re already used to that, and plenty of people pay for multiple TV streaming services with Hulu, Netflix, Prime, etc. Not to mention you already have to pay monthly for online play on console. Especially if you’re the kind of person who buys games at launch then you’re already dropping $60/game so buying more than 3 games a year is more expensive than the streaming service anyway (assuming you’d only stick with a single service); might as well get a larger library of ancillary games while you’re at it. But for those of us who wait a few years for games to go on sale before we buy, or those of us who mainly play older titles or dump a ton of time into only one or two games, then this is pretty foreboding.

    • Nafis Arafat says:

      @anagoth9 WHAT

    • Diego V says:

      @Nafis Arafat schizofrenia and fed up lies

  7. John Cage says:

    It’s confirmed: Dunkey is that one dentist that doesn’t reccomend tooth-pastes

  8. Kuma Bear says:

    He’s right though, the increase in price of things as they age is often absurd. I was interested recently in getting the old CD “Super Metroid – Sound in Action” and people sell it on eBay for between 600 and 900 bucks. For a single, second-hand, 30 fucking year-old CD that probably isn’t even in very good shape. I enjoy the fact that things can be valuable and gain value over time but at some point, people should look at things objectively and be like “bruh, that’s just a simple CD”.
    Ah, the laws of offer and demand… and rarity.

  9. Rifat.AI. says:

    “So when can we buy your games at half the price?”

    Nintendo : “That’s the neat part, you don’t”

    • The Remix says:

      @Jason Allcreator Stop being poor. Also Stop being an idiot. you should have known by just looking at the gameplay footage for the bigger games that It wouldent be worth your money.

    • MrDevious85 says:

      Only option is to look on Craigslist for a used copy. That’s why I hope physical copies never go away.

    • ColdBacon says:

      @Tsuki the fact the memorize the date is comical.

    • Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton says:

      @The Remix ah yes i’ll stop being poor with my 3rd world salary. while games still cost the price they would in other countries

    • PokespartyTV says:

      @The Remix well tht was a dumb comment you made. Sure u don’t wanna delete it?

  10. Bonsai Pop says:

    Classic Burnout 3 is the truest vibe, mmm mmm waverace too.

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