Video shows Chinese warship coming near U.S. missile destroyer in Taiwan Strait

Video shows Chinese warship coming near U.S. missile destroyer in Taiwan Strait

New video showed a Chinese warship on Saturday coming within 150 yards of hitting the USS Chung-Hoon in the Taiwan Strait.

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38 Responses

  1. jay hill says:

    It aint the rich kids who are going to get drafted.

  2. Eric Mo says:

    China should start sailing their warships in international waters 24 miles from the U.S coast to learn how the U.S navy would respond.

  3. Jb Luck says:

    Bullie always likes to pick a fight and expect the victim don’t fight back. STUPID MAN

  4. Able Comments says:

    The fact is China would spend its taxpayers’ money more wisely and would not sail or fly its military vehicles near some countries’ backyards that are thousands of miles away.

  5. Farticus Maximus says:

    it’s like the cowboys encircling the Indians and cowboys telling the Indians stop provoking us.

    • Jaime Gonzalez says:

      It’s not Indians it’s called natives real American

    • JD Euraud says:

      @Oli “If a thief is lurking in front of your house with a stealing tool, shouldn’t the owner go out and check it out and drive it away?”

      The problem with your analogy is that you are the thief!
      The one you are complaining about being a thief,
      is a cop,
      that you want to go away, so that you can steal the neighbors property across the street, and your trying to persuade your other neighbors that the property is yours by right.
      How narcissistic of you!

      Here is a bit of ROC/PRC history for you.
      In 1912 the Republic of China (ROC) defeated the Qing Dynasty becoming the ruling body of China.
      In 1927 a civil war started between the ROC and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).
      In 1937 the Empire of Japan invaded China, pausing the civil war.
      In 1945 at the defeat of the Empire of Japan the China civil war restarted.
      In 1949 the ROC moved its capitol to the island of Taiwan, where the ROC is located to this day as a functional government, having not been defeated by the PRC.
      Note, because of the restarting of the China civil war the US and the British Empire became quasi-protectorates of the island of Taiwan in 1945, under Japanese sovereignty, until
      1951, where the Empire of Japan passed the island of Taiwan over to the ROC, not the PRC.

      The ROC on the island of Taiwan was a founding member of the League of Nations and later the United Nations (including a Security Council seat), until 1971,
      when it’s seat was passed over to the PRC so that a bunch of slimy POSs in the west could make a whole lot of money of off CCP China.

      Before the 1970s you could barely call CCP China a industrialized nation.

  6. Ace1000ks1975 says:

    Back when I was in junior high school. Some punk kids would get in front of your face and try to start something. They aren’t hitting you, but they are being really obnoxious.

  7. ♡ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕖♡ says:

    Unfortunately it seems like it’s only a matter of time until disaster will strike 😮

    • fawkes1570 says:

      Why isn’t the US minding its own business?

    • Bad Juju says:

      ​@fawkes1570 it is. You think the US would be there if China hadn’t threatened US allies time and time again.

    • fawkes1570 says:

      @Bad Juju haha! 800+ military bases across the globe, constantly interfering with other countries government is hardly minding It’s own business. I’ll presume you’re being satirical. 😉

    • Jan Coley says:

      Everybody is on High Alert.
      No doubt.

  8. Brian Dale says:

    I constantly run into paths of other boats, we usually play chicken . The big container ships alway win

  9. catch10110 says:

    I think by now we all know who the bully is… but thanks for trying to clarify Lloyd. lol

  10. kiolabear says:

    We come with our war ships in peace, “freedom of navigation”.
    But you can’t do that. That’s “aggression”.

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