Watching ONLY the FIRST and LAST episode of *THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY*

Watching ONLY the FIRST and LAST episode of *THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY*


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  1. @emilycaltania7375 says:

    Oh what a time to be alive to see dylan realise cam is the best guy

  2. @R2S0725 says:

    biggest annoyance for me is hearing dylan want particular things to happen and being certain they’re not gonna happen and we who have watched season 2 know what’s gonna happen 😫😫😂

  3. @laurenroupe2321 says:

    Oh Dylan, don’t we have a surprise for you. Watch season 2 and then recount your opinions on the whole death of the mom situation. I honestly think Dylan will be a massive fan of this show 😂 Jenny directed it so well and gave it a realism that most shows don’t normally have. Honestly, I petition for him to watch all of the episodes

  4. @gracekibbe9760 says:

    At this point Dylan just needs to do a full analysis of the oc, like we’re all prepared for it

  5. @ischristinaok says:

    dylan knowing cam is the best option and hating conrad is so real. he’s just like me.

    (so i don’t get 15 year old conrad defenders in my comments. i don’t actually hate conrad he just gets on my nerves sometimes)

    • @stelladarcy4270 says:

      Lmao so valid, the problem with conrad is that you can totally tell that he was written for a specific demographic…that isnt me haha

    • @herkai06 says:

      bye i’m 15 and like conrad more bc i relate to him😭 but i also like jere too

    • @vernicegirl8987 says:

      You’re better than me. Ill take all the heat from Team Conrad. I can’t stand Conrad. He wants to be so brooding and mysterious but it just comes off as inconsistent and annoying. He’s super selfish and he doesn’t care about his brother at all. I don’t understand why Belly put up with him for so long.

    • @herkai06 says:

      @@vernicegirl8987 lol i think both of them are toxic

    • @vernicegirl8987 says:

      @@herkai06 I think Belly is toxic with Conrad. I by no means think Jere is perfect, but (so far on the show, I don’t care about the book) he’s been very straight forward and very genuine about his feelings. Belly has never had to second guess his feelings like she does with Conrad. He can’t communicate properly but expects people to understand what he’s feeling, and that, for me is what makes him toxic. I don’t think Jere is toxic.

  6. @queenbee2211 says:

    I think the lightly cringy vibe is perfect…it’s a show about the shift from being a teenager to becoming an adult…that’s the time when a lot of cringy things happen and a lot of things are kind of weird but cute or sweet at the same time and it’s an emotional phase combined with a bit of carelessness…so I think even with or maybe just because of this cringyness the series fits the vibe perfectly

  7. @lina.769 says:

    i need dylan to do a full series analysis of the oc. like multiple hours long about every single detail

  8. @katarams7062 says:

    PLEASE DO ONE FOR THE SECOND SEASON IT WONT DISSAPOINT. This is a rollercoaster of a show.

  9. @bonnieho4810 says:

    That “WHERE IS CAM!!” at 26:34 is literally me for the entire show🤣🤣

  10. @adrijamukherjee202 says:

    Dylan always jokes about having short memory, because he forgets movies and tv shows after a few years and can watch them again like new tv shows, but seeing him have photographic memory towards the o.c really shows how much he loves the show.

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