We Bought 3 Cheap Wrecked Exotic Cars For Less $$$ Than A C8 Z06 Corvette | Car Trek S9E1

We Bought 3 Cheap Wrecked Exotic Cars For Less $$$ Than A C8 Z06 Corvette | Car Trek S9E1

We DARE YOU to find better rebuilt exotic than we did on AutoTempest!►http://bit.ly/CarTrek901
Thanks to AutoTempest.com for sponsoring this series!
On the 1st episode of Car Trek 9, AutoTempest challenges the guys to find 3 of the best rebuilt exotic cars for less money than a new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 costs. Tyler gets flashy and brings a Ferrari 458 Spider that’s missing a few things, Ed chooses a nearly perfect Audi R8 V10+ & tries not to fall asleep, & Freddy brings his SEMA show car McLaren 675LT, which may end up being too expensive and too fast for these challenges. They are then shown to Car Wizard for inspection before proving themselves on a real, actual track.
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Series 7, Episode 1►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL7TDaOGDAo
Series 7, Episode 2►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoC2qH6m3bg
Series 7, Episode 3►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96BqVVCpztI
Series 6, Episode 1►https://youtu.be/TrTZgv3s4A0
Series 6, Episode 2►https://youtu.be/hppd9apHqfM
Series 6, Episode 3►https://youtu.be/7dVVbyTurt8
Series 6, Episode 4►https://youtu.be/Suhj7SJuEbM
Series 6, Episode 5►https://youtu.be/x6MmTpDTkkY
Series 6, Episode 6(FINALE)►https://youtu.be/keCS8QZyHsA
#StarTrek #FoundOnAutoTempest #GasGuzzlers
Series 5, Episode 1►https://youtu.be/9-SrII9jMsA
Series 5, Episode 2►https://youtu.be/ETmh0sb0jaI
Series 5, Episode 3►https://youtu.be/M1SpwlsaiwM
Series 5, Episode 4►https://youtu.be/-2_zzwi3Q2Y
Series 5, Episode 5►https://youtu.be/4NJ7AxkUjW4
Series 4, Episode 1►https://youtu.be/NmwIdGUb3qY
Series 4, Episode 2►https://youtu.be/HJZVyoWS9fU
Series 4, Episode 3►https://youtu.be/BR51TbFVJZQ
Series 4, Episode 4 ►https://youtu.be/I2ySIkH62bw
Series 4, Episode 5(FINALE)►https://youtu.be/AQj3Nw1W3_k
Series 3, Episode 1►https://youtu.be/TN6E1gyb4qQ
Series 3, Episode 2►https://youtu.be/h_YaBjx4P2Q
Series 3, Episode 3 ►https://youtu.be/zQbERnh3atc
Series 3, Episode 4 ►https://youtu.be/zxP6fYvXR_o
Series 3, Episode 5(FINALE)►https://youtu.be/tmymr12wc84
Series 2, Episode 1 ►https://youtu.be/bDAiui-W79w
Series 2, Episode 2 ►https://youtu.be/ohRQjQ8AYh8
Series 2, Episode 3 ►https://youtu.be/otvA_QLAl70
Series 2, Episode 4 ►https://youtu.be/0Qt_ExrTx8E
Series 2, Episode 5(FINALE)►https://youtu.be/tqwd5VDEn88
Car Trek Episode 1 ► https://youtu.be/Dom6bmnd_Dc
Car Trek Episode 2 ►https://youtu.be/wPi1BJw-zsc
Car Trek Episode 3 ►https://youtu.be/SJGWk9nX49U
Car Trek Episode 4 ►https://youtu.be/9Woe-PnI9qg
Car Trek Episode 5 ►https://youtu.be/Ug_GRlGQ0_A
Car Trek Episode 6 ►https://youtu.be/7me9z2Xt90U
Car Trek Episode 7 (FINALE)► https://youtu.be/LbpHcd1pa8I
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43 Responses

  1. Elliott Alvis says:

    As someone who witnessed it, Freddy flying off the side of that mountain was quite the jump. So glad the series is back!

  2. The Questionable Garage says:

    I’m assuming Tavarish just went full send because it was already rebuilt from the tub once before. So he couldn’t damage it in a way we haven’t already rebuilt it

    • But wait! says:

      How did that feel Jared, knowing that you built it and then seeing it get trashed like that. Not gonna lie, I cringed seeing him go off track like that.

  3. Lukas Slepanek says:

    Good job Freddie. You fixed that car well. Much love

  4. Rajin Haq says:

    That Corona is sick, undoubtedly the star of the show.

  5. ChrisFix says:

    Yesss! I look forward to these so much!

  6. VINwiki says:

    What would you buy for the price of a new Z06?

  7. Johnny Drummer says:

    Did you guys really think Ed wouldnt cheat? He does it every season 💀😂

    • Fox D says:

      @HE’S coming soon So Jesus walks into a bar and the bartender says “What’s wrong, man? You look like your dog died.”

      And Jesus says to him, “Look, man, I was with Mary Magdalene last night. Took her home, was givin’ it to her in bed, and right before I’m about to bust she starts screamin’ my dad’s name.”

      The bartender’s like, “Oof, you want a whiskey?” and Jesus says “Nah, water will be fine, I’ll make do.”

    • HE’S coming soon says:

      Believe in Jesus – the Son of God. He’s coming soon

    • HiHoSilver says:

      Let’s be honest, Freddy cheated more than Ed did

    • Jonathan Lunger2 says:

      So did freddy though

    • Peter Schancel says:

      Freddy Earned the right Wrecked salvage title …… the only one who can turn a wrench of the three,, and re- built the car from scratch damn near,,Try buying a C8 ZO6 Track pack for under 200 grand ..

  8. Liam Titan says:

    Loving the series as usual! Would love to see a $1000 car challenge type thing at some point.

  9. SMGxEnWHYc46 says:

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that Hoovie is driving past 100 mph, remember how scared he was at 80

  10. Clifton Cheng says:

    Freddie’s 675lt is my personal favourite out of the bunch. It’s got the best story, and every detail in that car has a reason, from the gold plated engine bay, to the F1 seats, to the colour scheme, it’s just a gorgeous car.

    • Pete Finch says:

      It’s amazing. When he went off that hill all the way to the bottom my heart sank a little and I would have tapped immediately with all those rock chips, but at least we know he can fix it all over again if he needs to 😂

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