We Made Escape Rooms For Each Other! (w/ Grian & Joel)

We Made Escape Rooms For Each Other! (w/ Grian & Joel)

Grian, Joel, and I all designed an escape room for the other two to attempt. Then Joel and I take a crack at escaping Grian’s escape room.

Check out Grian and Joel’s videos!
Joel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuGmF_W0kP0
Grian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyjPq155MTE

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41 Responses

  1. Bookish Newt says:

    I swear Grian’s was turning nightmarish. A few added details and that would’ve become a horror game.

  2. Ben Jammin says:

    Of course Grian immediately takes his infinity room to the next level

  3. Leefaë gaming says:

    I love how Grian and Joel both titled their videos ”I made an impossible espace room” while Impulse was like ”We made”

  4. An Account says:

    Grian’s room looping with slightly different details is signs of insanity.

    • 小丑Joker says:

      He’s missing Mumbo too much 😢

    • Nature Game says:

      The funniest piece about this comment to me is that my family tells me that the dictionary definition of insanity is testing the same exact thing over again and expecting different results.

  5. Fishy Biller says:

    I love how grian did a full-fledged building showcase, joel showed his thing room by room, and impulse just went ‘i built this, now were going to play grian’s’.

    • Username 1123 says:

      @Trystan Rigley yah also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their videos have the same video length. In that way viewers don’t have to choose which vid to watch depending if the vid is too long. So all three will benefit from gaining views from this collab

    • Trystan Rigley says:

      it might have been because it took them so long to do grians one and there was a lot of content to filter through with it

    • QuintP says:

      That’s what we love about impulse, straight to the point

    • Spygirl812 says:

      Yea 🤣

  6. LunarShadow says:

    I see why Grian is out of his mind. It’s scary in there

  7. The Sleepy Archive says:

    Joel tried to make something creepy, but why is it that Grian’s escape room is the most ominous 😂

  8. Sami Spoon says:

    I get the feeling that Grian misses Mumbo

  9. bedrock30_ says:

    Grian is truly a master of turning stupid jokes into genuinely concerning plot points

  10. //Karma says:

    Impulse is so chill about this whole escape room thing, meanwhile Grian and Joel sat down and chose psychological horror and violence respectively

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