We Ruined An Award Show

We Ruined An Award Show

The Finale of The Biggest Menace.
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33 Responses

  1. Miles Away says:

    NDL!! It was an absolute pleasure doing the music for this amazing series! You can stream the entire soundtrack on my channel now ❤

  2. tuv says:

    please make this an annual series

  3. Jullia Capybara says:

    This was an amazing series, really showed the creative differences for all the pranks. Something that’s never happened on YouTube of this precedence, great job fellas

  4. JulliaStark says:

    Honestly jid folding is just a testament to how empathetic and compassionate he is as a person. 🐐

  5. Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Niko really went above and beyond. Jid didn’t suspect a thing. Well played Niko and big up Jidion for being so empathetic

  6. Colin Harlin says:

    This needs to be the stepping stone for this series. Idk what’s the future bc I’m sure some big place would pick this up but it would prob end up 20x worse bc it’s not through you guys but in some way this was perfect and great to show what is possible in the future

  7. Āłî Ľõ says:

    People never wanted for a series to continue as much as this!
    Massive respect for JiDion and Niko!

  8. JiDion says:

    Get this comment to 100k Likes and I’ll be THE BIGGEST MENACE in S2😮‍💨

  9. RIVAL gameplay says:

    I’m really amazed at how consistent this guy is

  10. 50k challenge with 0 video says:

    People never wanted for a series to continue as much as this. Massive respect for JiDion and Niko..

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