We Tested TEMU Scam Products…

We Tested TEMU Scam Products…

Are you sick of seeing Temu ads? Well we’re gonna take a look at what the site ACTUALLY has to offer, from cheap knockoffs to viral TikTok products. Would you buy the Temu Nintendo Switch? What about an $8 pair of AirPods “made in the same factory”? Is that cheap guitar any good? We’re gonna unbox and test everything in todays game of bootleg products.

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Fake Money
00:59 Plasma Lighter
01:45 Bladeless Fan
02:30 Squishmallow & Among Us
03:25 Nintendo Switch
05:32 Toy Gun
06:37 Night Vision Camera
07:25 Mini Dyson Vacuum
08:38 Playstation 5
11:04 Electric Toothbrush
12:04 Mini Fridge
13:14 Polaroid Camera
13:55 Lego Set
14:32 Ring Doorbell
15:33 Smart Robot
16:36 Projector
17:26 Keyboard
18:05 Guitar
19:16 iPhone
20:27 AirPods Pro
21:25 Roomba
22:28 NES Classic
23:32 Winner

Music from Epidemic Sound (affiliate link):
Additional music and VFX assets from ProductionCrate (affiliate link):
Additional music by Lud and Schlatts Musical Emporium and Zoë Blade

Editors: Josiah Brown
Managed by MWS Media LLC

Any other footage, images, or sound featured in the video were for transformative critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

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39 Responses


    Brendan seems like the kind of guy to eat dinner 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Mac Nava says:

    Remember kids, if you see that Temu ad where they said they are selling Nintendo Switches for 7 dollars, it’s too good to be true. And this video proves it.

    • Stick Rick says:

      Some people were actually lucky enough to get a switch for a very low price like 7 dollars

    • Shigu Shigu says:

      @Stick Rick thats how they make sure they don’t get into any legal trouble

    • Trevor Swims says:

      Even if the Nintendo switch was legit, it probably would’ve been a used, worn down broken console, which explains why its selling at such a low price.

    • BG Tech says:

      No, it’s true, they just only have a few every day and they sell instantly. It’s just about impossible to get one. It’s just to keep the company out of legal trouble for false advertising.

    • Count Orlok says:

      @BG Tech And I’m also the King of Siam!

  3. Adaija Packnet says:

    Wow I didn’t know Jude could make a guitar from Temu actually sound really good 😂

  4. juggernautic says:

    I am not the least bit surprised you did this and appreciate you yet again for going through the cringe train again and again for us

  5. Thai1domide says:

    Temu: The app that turns people into scammers

  6. Sir Surname says:

    Temu – You aren’t shopping LIKE a billionaire, you NEED to be one to buy our overpriced goods that may or may not be a scam, also we love making UPS workers pissed.

  7. Bag_of_chipz says:

    Testing the whole store seems ambitious😳

  8. Drix says:

    Can we just sit back and appreciate Jude’s guitar playing abilities

  9. Gracie Lujan says:

    I’ve been loving all the irl videos we’ve gotten lately, please keep them coming! They’ve been so good 🙂 Also how did Jude kinda make that guitar actually sound kinda good?

  10. Bryan Palma says:

    Rip the people who spent money on the scam site

    • Wii deleted you fan says:

      I can’t wait I got scammed from Temu
      The story is I went on Temu and bought this cat plush and a phone case and other stuff like cat toys and stuff (for my cat I’m not a furry) and the only thing that came in was a crappy phone case and yeah

    • Thai1domide says:

      ​@Wii deleted you fanStick to websites that have been reviewed by trusted sources

    • PurpleDuck says:

      @Wii deleted you fan bro and you didn’t even order like sketchy electronics that’s just sad💀

    • Shipy says:

      I order electronics parts of there and it is really cheap. The parts work.

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