Wear Your Hamster

Wear Your Hamster

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32 Responses

  1. EonLess says:

    I love when the end of a month comes and a bunch of YouTubers upload videos at once in order to fulfill the sponsorship contract

  2. Waterjet Channel says:

    Missed opportunity to say reinvent the hamster wheel.
    I’ll be here all week

  3. pearl says:

    “Remember power tools are dangerous so its important to wear eye and ear protection”
    -proceeds to make a certain Australian man proud

  4. Chiarottide says:

    I loved the father’s face when the girl said “I’m gonna make a tube that goes through the whole house”

  5. Ben Griffin says:

    In this video: Mr. Osman honors an old man’s latent vision. Also in this video: gifts a 12 year old a thousand dollars worth of hamster tubing to grief their parents. Classic.

  6. Edward says:

    Only an engineer would build such a convoluted (and rad) rat trap when an empty bucket, a stick, and some peanut butter would have done the trick.

  7. Clint says:

    Big Willy: “Intelligent viewers of you realised I’m building an aquarium”
    Me: “Sweet, aquatic hamsters”

  8. acee says:

    I would genuinely be scared if I saw a man walking around a park digging through trash in a vest and construction hat covered in hamster tunnels

  9. Kelby Black says:

    William: “I built a literal x-ray machine in my garage”

    Also William: “let’s built tube city on a vest”

  10. Casper Hermans says:

    You can see the delight in the dad’s eyes when he sees the hamster tubes!

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