we’re having a…💙💗

we’re having a…💙💗

Keren: http://instagram.com/kerenswan
Khoa: https://instagram.com/khoa_nguyen
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Keren: http://instagram.com/kerenswan
Khoa: https://instagram.com/khoa_nguyen
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Khoa: https://twitter.com/khoa_nguyen
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26 Responses

  1. Jackson says:

    Wow we are having another baby LOL!

  2. Taneesha Metzger says:

    I’ve never been so happy and excited for someone I’ve never met. The internet is wild, congrats guys. So excited to continue to watch your family grow.

    • Sam says:

      Exactly 💯😭🥺😭♥️😍

    • Pearl Simon says:

      Exactly what I wanna say too!!!!!! I was squeeling!!!!! And telling everybody in the van right now even though they cant relate! Im just that happy for you guys!!!! Ive alwayws wanted a girl, we have two lovely boys but i had to get ligated due to health risks so I am soooo soooo genuinly HAPPY FOR YOU ALLLL🥰💕💕💕

    • Izabela Barrios says:

      I started screaming, then cried! And my husband was like you don’t even know them (but I’ve been watching since Jackson was a baby)😅 the exact words I said was I could meet anyone famous and I wouldn’t really care, if I met keren and khoa I think I would cry and fan girl so bad.😂 so this is a big deal for me!

    • t c says:

      this is me exactly 🥲🥲

  3. Erica Khatter says:

    i am SOBBING, when those cannons went off and I saw the pink, the tears just started flowing. this was soooo meant to be, fate if I’ve ever seen it. Major congratulations and lots of love to the family 🫶🏽

  4. jerry says:

    I literally remember watch y’all first find out about Landon and his birth and now you’re having a girl??? Oh my gosh 🎉 congrats!!!

  5. WhitandbabyH says:

    Someone tell me why I almost choked on a noodle because I immediately burst into tears when Bianca pulled out that onesie. And then just hearing your family screaming because they’re so happy for you…I’ve never cried so hard for people I don’t even know. I think someone else commented this but I second it – THE INTERNET IS SO WEIRD! I haven’t even cried that much for someone in my real life! I’m so so so happy for you guys and can’t WAIT to see this unfold! ❤🎉

  6. Jasmin F says:

    I have been watching since Jackson was a baby. Congratulations, I legit cried when I saw the pink confetti. Such a beautiful moment.

  7. Crystal Moreno says:

    As the youngest of five and the only girl, she will forever feel protected with four older brothers. It’s a unmatched bond I have with my four older brothers. We can go so long without talking but I know they will always protect me. Congratulations!!!! This truly feels like the perfect way to end. ❤

  8. Lorena says:

    This is so amazing!! I don’t know if anyone else remembers but in a vlog a few years ago (i think when Keren was pregnant with Hanson or before she was pregnant), Khoa talks about a dream he had where the boys were walking along the shore and he turns around and Keren is walking with a girl (it’s something like that). Ever since that moment, I’ve wondered if they would end up having a girl and now this feels soooo meant to be! Khoa literally predicted the future and I could not be happier for them. This little girl is going to be the most beautiful and loved child in the world!!! I can’t wait until she’s here!!

  9. Rayan Jamal says:

    I was sitting down drinking my morning coffee when I saw your Instagram post announcing the pregnancy and I jumped up screaming Litterally my eyes teared up so quick. I’m soooo freaking happy for your family. Seeing your family grow and prosper has been soo beautiful and inspiring, and now that you’re having a baby girl after 4 boys I can’t imagine the amount of true love and protection she’s gonna be showered with from her first breath . Words can’t explain how happy and excited I am for you’re beautiful family can’t wait to see more of what’s to come 💕💕💕

  10. Almudena Hernández says:

    I can’t express the joy I felt when I saw it was a girl. Can’t wait to meet her omg!!! I’m sure she will be so cute. So happy for you guys!!!💓💓💓

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