We’ve Been Making Them Wrong This Whole Time

We’ve Been Making Them Wrong This Whole Time

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  1. Niloy Zaman says:

    I mean that’s still bread with stuff inside.Regardless it’s still known as a sandwich,but u could say the type of sandwich is a sub

  2. Derek Levesque says:

    Its because it is a “Submarine Sandwich”. Two completely different things.

  3. Usernametaken says:

    It’s not a mistake ✨it’s a masterpiece

  4. juiceman says:

    ngl sub-bite sounds like a good idea. Like mini sandwiches you get at a tea party. You’d order like a 2 dozen of these and boom party time.

  5. Rylee Jade says:

    I love how “malood” is comfortable with his fans calling him different names

  6. Andy M says:

    There is no “Wrong” for a Sandwich. Put toppings of choice between bread 🍞.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s a sub when it’s longways, soOOO yeah. Checks out considering it’s called SUBway.

    Submarine sandwich because it’s long and submarine shaped 😋

  8. TheMasterguardian says:

    Now this begs the question of what would be the price tag difference between getting a regular sub with meat cheese and all the veg compared to just a uncut loaf of bread.

  9. ShyOfTheMoon * says:

    I just think it’s hilarious that we eat an entire loaf of bread when we eat a footlong.

  10. Bunny Frosting says:

    I made a mock subway sandwich for my birthday recently, bought a huge loaf of freshly made sourdough bread, expecting it to be a similar shape to the subway ones just maybe bigger or smaller, but instead it was a HUGE round blob. Most difficult sandwich ever to eat but so worth it (slicing is for chumps)

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