What happened after I reached Prudhoe Bay in Alaska…

What happened after I reached Prudhoe Bay in Alaska…

In this episode, I have left Alaska briefly while I am waiting for motorcycle parts to arrive there. I figured I’d work on my motorcycling skills in the meantime and go and race a cross country rally! For this rally, I am renting a 500 RRS Beta – my first experience with such a beast. I also need to learn how roadbook navigation works, so this is going to be a steep learning curve!

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Here I teach all my filming techniques including getting drone shots while riding!

Gear & Equipment that I use in this season:

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17 Responses

  1. Azorean 63 says:

    You will never know how much we missed your adventures.

    • J-P Eneman says:

      @Itchy Boots Happy to see you back ! Why is there a Danish flag near your ‘fist name’ (In place of a Dutch one and your last name) ? ?

    • Pax Wallace says:

      Geez get a grip dude

    • Peter says:

      @0191Marko I guess this Edward Hannah person must have deleted their comment….. can’t find what you were thrashing him for. Glad you did if it was a nasty comment.
      Anyone who has a problem with Noraly has seriously got issues. The girl is amazing and is to be admired in so many ways for her indomitable spirit.

    • Cory Fielding says:

      Seeing this new video was like receiving an early Christmas present! Thank You!

    • Carlos Berrio says:

      Pfuuu . Well guys,,,,, heeeerree Is. Noraly. What a relief. Hi young lady, thanks a lot.

  2. Justin Wolff says:

    These series, to my POV, are the best running production on YT. Informative, enthralling, wild and free… absolutely first class. A very warm welcome back, Itchy 😺

  3. Tinkering For Fun says:

    Brilliant to see you back in the saddle Noraly and what a cool new adventure! Respect for continuing to build your riding skills too!

  4. Graham Collins says:

    Best series to watch on YouTube. Fantastic scenery. What an Adventure.

  5. Flor De Marmol says:

    Me alegra verte Noraly ya te extrañaba.. por favor pon los subtítulos en español😊😊😊😊

  6. James R Gordon says:

    Along with your many friends/fans/followers … Thank You for continuing including us in your adventures Noraly! What a tremendous turn of events to be training and racing in Montana/Wyoming! I’m hoping, when you eventually leave the USA, you’ll carry a deep sense of sharing in our graciousness and fun – along with benefiting from all our best! You’ve become a wonderful “friend” through sharing your life through your videos! Jim and Linda

  7. Agustín Gómez says:

    Que bueno ver tus vídeos nuevamente Noraly.
    Éxito en esta nueva motoaventura de rally.

  8. Frank Gavin says:

    What a pleasant surprise! The absence of Noraly after Prudhoe Bay left a hole in my adventure motorcycling soul. Thrilled you are back and glad you added a brief epilogue to Alaska to put a finer point on your NorthAmerican adventure. Safe riding, Noraly!!!!

  9. N Lund says:

    What a wonderful event for us viewers to look forward to. Can’t wait for the next video and learning how your skills develop, you look like a professional rider to me. I love your new Arai helmet Noraly!

  10. Kevin Coyne says:

    Can’t wait for the next installment, it already feels like it’s going to be an epic adventure

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