What Happens If You Destroy A Black Hole?

What Happens If You Destroy A Black Hole?

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Black holes can destroy everything – but can they be destroyed? What happens if we push physics to the absolute limits, maybe even break it and the universe in the process? Let’s create a tiny black hole, about the mass of our moon, in the Kurzgesagt Labs and try to rip it apart.

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37 Responses

  1. Maverick Khofanda says:

    i imagine the animators having so much fun trying to convey how maximum absurdity feels

  2. Jimera0 says:

    The concept of a naked singularity is just incredible to me. It’s a concept reminiscent of cosmic horror stories, as it is something so unfathomably powerful, indescribable, inconceivable and incomprehensible that simple observation of it could potentially cause reality itself to break in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine. And yet, this is a scientific hypothesis, not a horror story. The idea of something like that potentially being possible sends shivers down my spine. While I’d honestly be shocked if naked singularities were actually physically possible in our universe, the concept has an appeal nothing else can really quite match.

    • StarSilverInfinity says:

      Fr, imagine something so unspeakably horrible, dangerous, or just plain weird that the nature of the universe throws all the stops at you possible to prevent it from being unleashed

    • Magskie says:

      It reminds me of photons. Observing it changes reality

    • Freelancer The says:

      My brain immediately went “wait….. isn’t that an infinite improbability generator?”

    • Ocean Drop says:

      The real horror comes from the concept of something and nothing and its far reaching implications. Either something came from nothing, which should be impossible. Or something always existed. Either way the full picture of reality is far beyond our current experience.

    • Nibsipipsi says:

      Sorry to be a buzzkill, but in this video they kinda forget what a singularity is to begin with: a kind of divide by zero error. It’s just a hole in the mathematics we use to describe gravity. Singularities aren’t physical. You can’t have a naked singularity because they don’t exist.

      If we have a theory of quantum gravity, that might explain what would happen if we push a black hole past its breaking point (if there even is such a thing). There is no such thing as breaking reality however.

  3. Bibhatsu Kuiri says:

    as a physics student this was quite a stressful video to imagine. but as always 10/10 on overall video production

    • NAMAN says:

      Nutshell inspires me.. My parents said if i get 40K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • Plantarum says:

      Yo if you are a physicist maybe you can answer my question… When a black hole shrinks over time – that must mean there is a point where its mass is no longer able to create an event horizon right? That would mean that at some point the singularity would be visible and maybe explode bc there is not enough gravity to compress itself, right?

    • Pablo Gonzalez says:

      @Plantarum Not a physicist, but as I understand it, it would simply evaporate in a burst of energy

    • Leonhard Doerflinger says:

      Any mass can have an event horizon. It just gets smaller if your mass shrinks. However, there appears to be a lower limit that arises from quantum physics. Once that has been reached the black hole emits a photon whose energy corresponds to its remaining mass and it is gone. Sadly this is not very interesting, but that is probably the way all matter in the universe will ultimately go. At that time we will have reached the heat death of the universe.

  4. Fish Nugget says:

    This is by far my favorite episode. Chaotic and the music fits so well with the chaotic nature of breaking physics

  5. Girg says:

    If falling into a black hole accelerates you into the future, and black holes evaporate in a finite amount of time, doesn’t that mean nothing can ever reach a singularity?

    • Esteban Torres says:

      I see it like this, when you fall on the event horizon, you become part of and are rapidly going to a future in which the black hole becomes so small it disappears, but you are still part of it

      Basically, the black hole is also falling into the singularity, and the moment it dissolves is the moment all of the object inside the black hole hit the singularity

    • Darkregen says:

      You can reach it time is just distorted. What we see is anything that isn’t light go to the center and vanish because your matter is crushed in the atomic level down to every atom and become a part of the mass of the black hole enhancing its gravitational pull and mass that’s all compressed.

    • Girg says:

      What do you mean “the black hole is falling into the singularity?”

    • Esteban Torres says:

      @Girg it’s not exactly how it works but it can help you understand

      With time, the black hole gets smaller and smaller until it disappears
      With time, you will fall into the singularity in the future

      What stops the moment you touch the singularity to be the moment the black hole disappears

      You both touch the singularity at the same time
      The black hole gets infinitely smaller (a singularity)
      You get squished into a singularity

      Think of it like a prison that is VERY slowly getting smaller and you are sentenced to death by being squished, the walls won’t kill you, only in the future when there is no more space left for you, when you die and the wall touch each other, there is nothing inside the walls, so it is no longer a prison

    • Tounushi says:

      @Girg A black hole is compression of spacetime brought to its logical conclusion. As gravity is spacetime compression and the singularity is infinite curvature, spacetime flows into the singularity; the event horizon is simply the point where the speed of this flow is faster than the speed of light.
      Hawking radiation also manages to rob energy/mass from the black hole at cosmological timescales if it isn’t fed, so it constantly contracts until it draws in more matter or energy (including cosmic microwave background radiation). And it will continue to contract at an ever-accelerating pace (from grass growing to snail’s pace) until the final moments of evaporation are like a supernova. It’ll just take a googol years to reach that point.

  6. jesse dampare says:

    I love how you went to the utmost edge of insane physics, and still made it in according to physics. Beautiful

  7. Hollowshield says:

    the idea of black holes as superprisons keeping reality breakers imprisoned is actually really cool

  8. It's Dokko says:

    The idea of an naked singularity is the most Lovecraftian concept i’ve ever heard about. It really makes me wanna uncover one and condemn the whole fabric of reality to perish

  9. Ramby Sophistry says:

    The ever interesting thing about this whole prospect of ending a black hole’s event horizon is, at least to me, how possible and impossible it seems at the same time. I still think it would be incredibly useful to attempt to neutralize a black hole into a naked singularity simply for the exciting new maths it could teach us.

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