NHL 24 Gameplay Reveal | Official Trailer

NHL 24 Gameplay Reveal | Official Trailer

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EA SPORTS™ NHL® 24 officially launches worldwide October 6th featuring Cale Makar as your cover athlete.

In NHL 24, all-new gameplay features bring authentic on-ice action to life. Experience the rush and fatigue of a high-pressure game with the Exhaust Engine, where sustained pressure in the attack zone leads to new game-changing effects like goalie fatigue that slows the netminder’s reaction time the more they get worn down with offensive action; change the momentum with Physics-Based Contact as you break the glass and send players into the bench with big body checks; and get unparalleled player command with the new Vision Passing System and Total Control Skill Moves.

Chel is more connected than ever with cross-play in all online team play modes, along with HUT Moments, which lets you recreate classic moments in hockey history and today’s biggest plays. Adding an extra layer of authenticity, Flex Moments introduces 75+ new goal celebrations, and a wholly refreshed presentation complements an enriched crowd atmosphere that makes playing the game feel like you’re at the game.

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50 Responses

  1. EA SPORTS NHL says:

    Thanks for watching 🙏 Click the link in description to learn more and pre-order NHL 24! Stay tuned for more trailers coming soon 👀

  2. Michael Lee says:

    Yo that crowd hasn’t missed a game since 2015 🤯

  3. Dylan Miller says:

    Please have the old career mode and pre game warm-ups and even a rookie lap would be cool. I would also like all star game and even events would be a bonus.

    Heritage classic and winter classic would be awesome.

  4. Joshua Mackiewicz says:

    The first update will make the game completely different as they do every year. NHL 23 had an entirely different feel when it first came out to what I feels like now.

    • Jonah Banks says:

      Because you get used to it, that’s how that works

    • Max Austin says:

      Happens across every EA sportd game 😢

    • Zoltán Vamos says:

      ​@Jonah BanksIt’s true, I recently played NHL17 after playing 23 for a while and it’s different, they are similar but they are a bit different. This year seems like it will be the most different game we’ve had in years. Plus, the slick cover, a full 5 minutes of nothing but gameplay reveals, no flashiness, seems like they are taking this one seriously. I’m excited to see what else is coming this year.

    • Jason Thomas says:

      ​@Jonah Banksno. They actually change the game, usually reverting back to the previous year. Nhl 22 had a great mechanic where your player would use his arm to jump/fight around the defense. That was removed very quickly

    • leucifer says:

      ​@Zoltán Vamosaaaaand he’s let down again 😂

  5. Lucas booth says:

    I wanted actual scrums not just two ppl fighting but like a line brawls-playoff type stuff

  6. DeepCitaten says:

    I want to see realistic pre game warm up like in the actual nhl games

  7. Swimmy says:

    Wow, the player indicators look like I remember in the early 2000s. With the circle at the bottom of the player. Pretty nostalgic

  8. Dead Tempo Promotions says:

    I am ready to be hurt again by expectations

  9. eliasjamsa says:

    5:05 love to see NHL 24-trailer feature the same animation they’ve had since like NHL 16. Keep doing you EA

  10. Andrei Novikov says:

    “yOu CaN nOw SeNd pLaYeRs iNtO tHe BeNcH AnD BrEaK ThE gLaSs”

    Truly groundbreaking and never been done before

    • Vlasta Mourek says:

      Yea pffff no one remembers NHL 13

    • SpartanNige 329 says:

      @Vlasta MourekDidn’t they remove it in NHL 16 or something? Don’t remember, they all seem the same to me for some reason…

    • TheOffical says:

      its not the fact its never been done berfore or that its a new feature its just that it was a feature in some games back and that we want it backs

    • Vlasta Mourek says:

      @SpartanNige 329 Idk, I played NHL 13 and Legacy edition on X360 and i think it both had but I aint sure. I do remember throwing opponents out of ice in 13 though

    • Can’t think of a name says:

      Y’all ask for something and get mad when they add it. Weird

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