What makes Unc & Ocho furious about Russell Wilson being benched by Sean Payton & Broncos | Nightcap

What makes Unc & Ocho furious about Russell Wilson being benched by Sean Payton & Broncos | Nightcap

Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson react to the news that Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton is benching Russell Wilson for the rest of his second season with the team and likely parting ways with him not long after. Unc and Ocho think it’s time for NFL players to stand up to the owners and GMs who are willing to make cutthroat business decisions at the drop of a dime.

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31 Responses

  1. @Bw.e says:

    It’s weird how fans always fault the players for taking money when owners are the greediest. I’m glad unc explained it this way

    • @brandondetroitfanmichaels4325 says:

      Same thing with the government! The rich blame the middle class and the middle class blame the poor! Meanwhile, the government’s laughing because all fingers are being pointed everywhere except for them

    • @jameskaczor364 says:

      Russ is bad u overpaid hes bad bad

    • @cmax8719 says:

      The only thing I wish people explain well is what should be done in a hard cap situation. It seems like people forget that the billionaires are not allowed to spend as much money as sometimes is needed to get the desired talent. Shannon talks about the 300 million the teams get for the tv deal. That’s irrelevant if there is going to be a hard cap on spending

    • @abayomikelvin5153 says:

      ​@@cmax8719who do you think wants the hard cap? 😏

    • @mattbergamin9001 says:

      @@abayomikelvin5153trust me bro that’s in everyone’s best interest. Broncos are owned by Walmart family who are worth 70+ billion. To put it into perspective the second richest owner is Jerry jones at 6 billion. You want the broncos to be able to buy every single superstar in the league while other teams can’t even come close?

  2. @isawaakuma says:

    I wasn’t a huge Russel Wilson fan. But, after this, it’s hard not to cheer against the Broncos and for the man and his next opportunity.

    • @shoresy6951 says:

      I’m a Broncos fan and I’m rooting against them after this lol.

    • @jharne1 says:

      I respect your opinions about this but let me say as a Saints fan…I understand now why the Raiders did this to Derek Carr last season…dude is trash and the team knows their players better than the next team. There’s a reason more than money why this is happening…trust Coach Payton and his process. I would love to have him back with the Saints

    • @samsneadd says:

      I am a seahawks fan and the last of a dying breed. All my friends and family have turned on him. Listen he is the best instictive qb i have ever seen. Now he deserves some of the criticism. But the media made him the most beloved or respected qb to the nost hated in 3 years. I am not buy-in it. My team ddnt give him an O line for yearrrrssss. Carroll was not always perfect. But russ loved him even talkee like him. I love LOB but sherman was salty when he left. Thomas wanted to leave ans had no lyalty remmeber him running to Jason Garrett like a cowboy groupie? Russ is a leader. Last year he was injured. The year prior was a new year. There was alot of jealousy. Dnt sleep if seattle was smart they would bring him back I like geno but i dnt think ita long term.

    • @ericedwards3055 says:

      ​@@jharne1nope nope nope like the Shannon meme. SEAN SABOTAGED THE TEAM AND RUSS.

    • @ericedwards3055 says:

      This is not our Pat Bowlen Broncos with honesty and integrity.

  3. @SayuriEra says:

    I love this crazy connection between you two. Don’t know who put this together but they need a big bonus!

  4. @PaulieB201 says:

    Shannon is 100% right. The Owners did a good job marketing the Millionaires as greedy instead of it being the other way. But I also feel like that happens because It’s a salary cap sport

    • @brotherLee340 says:

      Thats not really the issue. Fans understand players should get paid. But most of us are fans of particular teams. Players come and go. And under a salary cap we realize the team can’t pay everybody premium money. It’s not that we route for the owners to make more, we just want our teams to win lol

    • @JutoCrocell says:

      You do realize that if this wasn’t a salary cap sport and they could pay the players whatever they wanted to then the ticket cost would soar sky high and be unaffordable for the common fan to go

    • @TheBearGrappler says:

      @@JutoCrocell except that when they need to build a new stadium, they asked the public for funds. And then these billionaires can make their millions.

    • @PaulieB201 says:

      @@JutoCrocell That’s a bold face lie because Baseball doesn’t have a salary cap and tickets be cheap af to go to games. I seen tickets for the WS as low as $25. So what are we even saying

    • @PaulieB201 says:

      @@brotherLee340 That’s why I literally said at the end “I also feel like that happens because it’s a salary cap sport” 🤣🤣🤣

  5. @matteo4413 says:

    Unc’s explanation that the millionaires can never be more greedy than the billionaires sums it up perfectly in one line.

  6. @marcuswalker3631 says:

    Man Shannon got me dying. “What I made at my last job, they ain’t got nothing to do with you”!🤣🤣🤣

  7. @banksta3 says:

    What we’re learning with Brees and Brady’s retirements, are that these QBs really make average coaches look like HOF.

  8. @williamjackson5357 says:

    Shannon really tells it like it should be told, just in the way he wants to tell it. He speaks the truth 💯

  9. @ChocolateJorge says:

    I love the insight and takes from Shannon and Ocho. And I like how they take their time on every topic and give their real thoughts

  10. @yonas2362 says:

    Shannon gets his point view across to the viewers in related matter and while being super funny. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love it!!!❤❤😅

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