Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders Press Conference

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders Press Conference

HC Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders spoke to the media on September 5, 2023 for his weekly press conference prior to the home opener against Nebraska on September 9, 2023.

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  1. Clindell Maynard says:

    I love the excitement and potential for success that Deion, the man, the coach, the icon that he is has brought to this campus and this team. This is surreal, still can’t believe he is here. His son’s are phenomenal players. Much success, Coach Prime. I’m rooting for you in ANYTHING you do.

    • Larry Mosher says:

      Do you know how many times,the police were called to his house,in Dallas area,for domestic abuse,with first wife ask that question.

    • Clindell Maynard says:

      @Larry Mosher Doesn’t matter, we are all human, things happen, its life. Jim Irsay is an NFL team owner and even he has been caught with a DUI. It doesn’t change the fact that through all the trials and tribulations he was still there for his family. You probably not so perfect yourself.

    • Martel Prayer says:

      ​@Clindell MaynardBingo

    • Lj Da Joker says:

      @Larry MosherYou don’t know. You just heard some shyt and now you’re ready to regurgitate it. You weren’t at their house to know what went on!

    • James Anderson says:

      @Clindell Maynard If he abused your wife or a relative of yours, would you say it doesn’t matter. How can you be so uncaring and belittling to his wife?

  2. Hecules says:

    Sanders is forever a kid. That’s why he’ll be successful. College kids can relate.

  3. Jeff Arview says:

    Coach Prime is a great coach because he’s a responsible Dad first. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk and will walk with you to ensure you exceed your potential.

  4. Eye Sun says:

    I love this man’s passion for his kids in this sport. He’s a great motivator in boosting confidence. ❤

  5. El Conquistador says:

    Deion was such a tremendous player. He literally shut down half the field. Quarterbacks were afraid to throw his way.

  6. CAJ Action says:

    Coach Prime’s motivation is beyond football. He is a pure leader, I can learn from him.

  7. Roderick Sears says:

    If I was a parent, I would love for my son to play football for this man.


    I’m not a Colorado fan, but Travis Hunter should be the front runner for the Heisman. Elite corner and wr and he played the entire game, wow!

    • Patrick Davis says:

      Facts that’s the kicker, no pun intended. 💯 Bro playing the WHOLE GAME! An he impacting on BOTH sides! You can’t get him off the field! You HAVE TO match up with him either way, an he’s HIM, so you losing regardless, it’s just a case of by how much. Smh he’s goin win the Heisman I promise U. Next Charles Woodson but BETTER!

    • Monk Mode says:

      Without cramping up in Texas heat…crazy

    • Robbie Greenlee says:

      and don’t forget at the end said he was ready to play more and didn’t want it to be over with. the kid’s an alien.

    • Drunken-Skunk says:


    • cDTeVe says:

      … he doesn’t play every down!!!

  9. Connie Carberg says:

    What an amazing press conference- an honor to listen to Coach Prime – he is a true leader and so smart!

  10. eric barefield says:

    I love listening to Coach Prime and Coach Saban speak. So much wisdom and knowledge locked inside of those two men. Both very inspirational in their own unique ways.

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