When A Gang Leader Confronted Tyson

When A Gang Leader Confronted Tyson

BLTV Classic recaps the infamous two-fight saga between Tyson and gang leader, Mitch ‘Blood’ Green

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  1. Animal Channel says:

    Honestly looked like tyson was playing with green to keep him alive for as long as possible just to punish him. If tyson really wanted to finish him off, the fight would’ve been over in the 1st round with a killer upper cut blow that would send green to heaven real quick.

    • florin tanase says:

      That was one of Tysons hardest fights ever…and you say he toyed with Greene? Tyson was baffeled By greens hand Speed and by How well he used his reach…this was one of the first fights where you can see the chincks in Tysons Armour…do you have the slightest Idea about boxing?

    • ffoD says:

      Tyson definitely tried as hard as he could to stop both Green and Biggs. He couldn’t and was told my his promoter to say stuff like that to keep the hype train.

    • PissedOffPatriot83 says:

      You all can say what you want but you can clearly see that some of you by your comments never lived that era or know anything boxing.

      I think if Mike Tyson kept his head in the game and stayed with Kevin Rooney he would have been known as the best heavyweight to ever live. This guy was a 5’10 tank that barely weighed in at heavyweight knocking out guys 20-30 lbs heavier than him and guys that had far more reach and height advantage. After Cus died it seemed like a part of Tyson died, he was no longer able to keep his head into boxing and Kevin Rooney could not keep him controlled or balanced. When he left Rooney his career spiraled completely out of control. Mike started partying and mingling with Hollywood elite and he believed the hype that he was invincible and couldn’t be beaten. He took the fight against Douglas coming off of having the flu and didn’t even train weeks leading up to it. Without Cus and Rooney there to keep Mike grounded he was taken advantage of by the worst promoters and management. He didn’t train like he used to and he no longer had the fire or desire to train.

    • JJ Cali says:

      Thats literally what he said

    • Joseph Kelley says:

      Fighting Mitch is like having former Laker great Matt Barnes
      defending you. It’s gonna be a real long night – probably the UN prettiest
      night of your fighting life/career. You have to win ugly with Mitch – and
      those fights/games/contests suck to play. Nothing’s working all night
      long for both teams – so it’s painful for the crowd.


    This is legendary. Mike attending the show as an audience is the real legendary move here. 😅

  3. Cooly Fooly says:

    Imagine being deemed the “king of NY street gangs” and then suing someone over a street fight you started

  4. Jack Straw says:

    People forget how small Mike really was for a heavyweight. It was his speed these big fools couldn’t handle. Plus his whole style in the early days was brand new. Not many fighters liked staying in close quarters and Mike never stopped bringing the pressure. Always moving forward. Man I still remember the first time I saw him. I was young but even I realized this guy was a different breed. The no robe no socks walk out was something I never seen before. Fearsome. I wish Cus wasn’t so old when he found Mike. Don King imho was a big part of his troubles. He was so young and uneducated, he was a moving target for these sleazy opportunistic promoters. Im so glad he seems to be at peace now.
    Btw – Mitch Green was a clown. He stepped to Mike in the streets and well, we all seen the result.
    Edit- also if I remember correctly it happened in an alley and Mike was solo besides a driver who Im sure probably couldn’t fight. Tyson destroyed this dudes left eye like he was tenderizing meat lol. Mitch wanted a paycheck.

  5. Rizing Pho3nix says:

    Good to see both of these guys alive and well while looking back at the craziness that was their boxing career.

  6. Luca Neiri says:

    Tyson’s peekaboo style was definitely key in making Tyson so lethal…. him being so short in contrast to a majority of his opponents he was so dangerous for anyone he fought. d’amato was a genius of a coach for having Tyson adopt that style and fighting in heavyweight, it was almost unheard of that a fighter like Tyson to fight at heavyweight being so short

    • Angel Williams says:

      @Golden Biscuits Ah yes! A professional boxer didn’t take it easy on a less experienced boxer in an exhibition fight. Sure buddy.

    • Steve says:

      ​@Low D He was 178cm, while most of the top guys he fought were around 190cm.

    • Golden Biscuits says:

      @Angel Williams idk bro. That dude did alot talk before the fight. And knowing tyson was a lil female who can’t control emotions I can clearly say tyson did not take thus fight easy. That’s just facts. Tyson can say what he wants! it’s boxing and you don’t play boxing

    • 6destroyer9 boi says:

      @Ty Nao not even good bait, come up with something more clever if you’re going to troll

  7. D William says:

    In the late 80’s I was Blood’s probation officer in Manhattan. He did time for filling up his car at a gas station refusing to pay, put hands on the attendant and then drove away with the nozzle in the tank and knocked the tank down. Destroying it. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Almost talked him into fighting a Russian bear for a comeback.

  8. louthegiantcookie says:

    Dear God, I’m only a few minutes in and I’m shaking my head at this Mitch Green guy. Why in the Hell would anybody want to antagonize Tyson like that? It’s like poking a wolf with a stick.

    • Digenes Akritas says:

      Then why didn’t Mike give him a rematch later on? Tony Tucker didn’t get a rematch either.

  9. Thephuckmaster says:

    When u realize Tyson didn’t even take this fight seriously 🤯

  10. Barney Rubble says:

    Discipline to not knock him out… how could you not love Iron Mike. What a heavyweight! Showed me when I was 12 how a kid stands up and works to be a man. Legend

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