How Many Giant Balloons Stops A Golf Ball??

How Many Giant Balloons Stops A Golf Ball??


Hey guys! You really seemed to really like the Giant Balloon videos so we’re back with another one! Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to grab a Supreme Basketball SIGNED by us at How Ridiculous over at Hybe! They also have an insane amount of mystery boxes containing dope products ranging from PS5 and XBOX to Gucci, Supreme and all the sneakers you could imagine and more all accessible at! Don’t forget to check them out and to click the link above for a free box and +10% bonus on your first deposit when you sign up!



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29 Responses

  1. FS Creations says:

    Props to Scott for that drive at the end to see off the last 2 balloons!

  2. Nym Alous says:

    You can tell Jack’s a professional, because he has a little transportation device to save himself from the thousands of steps he would otherwise have to do in performing his job (and chasing down errant projectiles). Jack, I salute you.

  3. Kenneth James says:

    These guys enthusiasm is just awesome to see, they REALLY have fun with these videos! Also the RAC Arena, thank you to the owners of this fine facility for letting these gentlemen entertain the masses with a great place to product these videos.

    • Theo says:

      I mean this video would have been a lot more enjoyable if they didn’t feel the need to scream all the time

  4. James says:

    Sorry guys but pushing loot boxes to an audience made up of mostly younger people can be incredibly dangerous. I love you guys, but this isn’t a good look.

  5. R Wildes says:

    Love you guys, but you should specifically say “this is gambling”. Plus, the free box ends up being LITERALLY a hybe gift card of $0.50-$1. It’s free so it’s whatever, but still.

  6. Bobdylan12121 says:

    Just gonna say what everyone else is saying, Hybe is gambling. Promoting gambling on a YT channel with mostly children viewers is not a good look. Edit: Also, as a past Stock X buyer, they used to be good and I would say most of their stuff was authentic. I think they were buying and reselling authentic stuff themselves back then. I would not currently touch Stock X with a ten foot pole. Most of their stuff (except what they send to people who promote them) is fake. There are many horror stories but there are also many memes about how they must have literally blind people doing the verifying (shout out to longbeachgriffy who has a hilarious video on it) I would just stay away from Hybe altogether. It sounds like a scam within a scam to be honest.

    • Chris Wolfenden says:

      I just posted the exact same. Not only that though when you “win” it cost $45 an item to ship!!! Complete scam.

    • Samuel Carvalho says:

      Totally agree. I can already see a massive backlash in the comments and on their other social medias.

      Such a stupid move by them.

  7. Matt Barker says:

    Hybe could very well be consumerism at its worst

  8. Perseus Hero of Time says:

    I’m honestly impressed the golf ball bounced off a spherical balloon and still came back to the start

  9. ThatRandomNova says:

    Not sure how $160 is justified for a metal chair

    This sponsor is really not what you say it is lol. No chance the boxes are “equal or better prices” because they’d be giving away that. When looking on their site it looks like they have a lot of sketchy events and stuff. I saw one where it was literally a bid, but the losers don’t get their money back. I’d stay away.

    • Chris Wolfenden says:

      It’s $45 per item to ship!!!!!!

    • Kieran says:

      Yeah, they say in the vid that you get at least what you pay for, but in a $120 dollar box you have a 95% chance to get a $75 hybe gift card…. all the boxes have these terrible gift card options as the most likely result. Total con.

  10. Muneeb Adamo says:

    the way the balloon popped from Gaunson’s bowling ball throw was so satisfying. It ended up looking like a rib cage

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