Which Smash Bros characters have canonically eaten Pizza?

Which Smash Bros characters have canonically eaten Pizza?

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Schaff scours way too many games in order to find pizza evidence!

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47 Responses

  1. @SchaffrillasProductions says:

    CORRECTION #1: Pizza is available in the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, meaning every Fire Emblem character can eat it there. HOWEVER, if we wanna get technical, it IS a gacha game so it’s a bit hazy if these gacha pull versions of the characters eating pizza counts. They are the original versions of the characters, pulled out of their worlds, so I’ll bump them up to the “Gacha Pizza Eater” tier. Functionally the same as “Pizza Eater” but with the added context that we’re dealing with mobile game shenanigans

    CORRECTION #2: Pizza DOES exist in the Star Fox universe, there are pizza boxes in the background of an early cutscene in Star Fox Adventures. There’s no evidence of Fox eating it; for all we know, it could’ve just been Slippy and Peppy eating it. HOWEVER, Fox, Falco, and Wolf are now bumped up to “Knows what pizza is, doesn’t eat it”

    CORRECTION #3: Technically Mega Man also belongs in the “Physically incapable of eating pizza” tier. I just think it looks really funny to have R.O.B. all alone there

    CORRECTION #4: Litten is coming to Cafe Mix soon according to datamines, so when that happens, Incineroar will make the “Pizza Eater” tier

  2. @JustinHasNoLife says:

    I love how Palutena says “I do have a coupon” for pizza, implying she would go to a pizza store and pay. As if she isn’t a literal fucking goddess 😭

  3. @justbeanss says:

    Even though Sora wasn’t present in 365/2 days, Roxas was, and is Sora’s Nobody, and it’s shown in game that Roxas’ memories sometimes effect Sora on an emotional level, so I bet if Sora saw a pizza he’d tear up and go “dang why am I crying idk what that is” but on the inside he remembers how glorious Axel’s pizza blades were

    • @SKirbGame says:

      Actually Sora is in the game, you can unlock him in the multiplayer mode by completing every mission with the best rank

      Although that might not count due to the multiplayer mode being non canon

    • @ridori7376 says:

      Why is every single thing I hear about Kingdom Hearts so obnoxiously obtuse?

    • @wakawakatakeover says:

      I mean, technically speaking, since Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, you could say that Sora’s body has experienced pizza in some capacity. But Sora himself hasn’t! I do think it’s funnier though if he has no idea what pizza is himself though. Because like… Kid has no idea how to use a smartphone. It absolutely tracks that he wouldn’t know what pizza is! (Also like… There HAS to be pizza in at least ONE of the worlds Sora has gone to! Surely there’s pizza in Big Hero 6 or something!)

    • @Hugo-yz1vb says:

      ​@@ridori7376 It could be obtusely obnoxious too.

  4. @changeuphitter5678 says:

    When you think about it, technically piranha plant can canonically eat pizza indirectly, since piranha plants can eat mario, luigi, and even peach, daisy, and yoshi thanks to wonder in the mainline games, and if they happened to have eatsa’d the pizza shortly beforehand it would still be in their tummies, thus the plant would indirectly consume it. It might be the only character who “eats pizza, but doesn’t know what it is”

    • @BassEcho3s says:

      Was gonna comment this. It’s gross, but worth considering

    • @AegisGaming99 says:

      i don’t think kirby knows what anything is

    • @CR1MSONACE says:

      They *can’t* eat Yoshi though, he just bounces off of Piranha plants because Yoshis are the main “baby mode” character.

    • @loganh2735 says:

      That DOES NOT count. Pirhanna Plant could be shown pizza and not know what it is or if they like the taste of it. They wouldn’t have the EXPERIENCE. This is like saying I’ve had the experience of eating corn because I’ve eaten fried chicken.

    • @areadenial2343 says:

      ​@@loganh2735 Well, a whole chicken with a belly fully of corn is very different from fried chicken wings.

  5. @pigeongod3450 says:

    I love the fact that Link not only eats pizza, but he also makes and reintroduces pizza to society, truly a hero above all others

  6. @thederpside7123 says:

    I think that Kirby should have a new category called “doesn’t know what pizza is, has eaten pizza”

  7. @sophie-zz5sh says:

    Funny enough, me and my brother did a similar type of thing with “which smash brothers characters sweat?” The humans were fairly easy, the Pokémon were a bit of a debate, but we ARGUED over Kirby. Did he? Did he not? It was finally settled when I found a promotional ad for Kirby’s forgotten land that had him sweating in the desert. I love questions like these

  8. @aledandrian says:

    It’s only a matter of time before Schaff makes a seven-hour video analyzing and discussing which Smash Bros characters canonically know what sex is

  9. @ScootsLounge says:

    I’d honestly argue that Sephiroth doesn’t know what Pizza is. He was a lab experiment made to be the ultimate super soldier. I don’t think Shinra would’ve given him Pizza on his express diet of edge and vengeance. And they don’t seem like the type to throw employee Pizza parties either.

  10. @jummy0 says:

    Minecraft Realms Plus contains official pizza-themed maps. “Pizza Delivery Simulator” has you delivering pizza to retextured zombies, and “Spooky Pizza Place” has edible pizzas (retextured cake) in various locations. Therefore, Steve, Alex, and Zombie are pizza eaters, and due to their proximity I would suggest Enderman to be a pizza knower.

    • @jummy0 says:

      Furthermore: Link and Zelda can appear in the Wii U version of Super Scribblenauts, where they can eat pizza. I’m not familiar with Zelda lore, but the additional presence of Epona suggests to me that this is Young Link, and Zelda should additionally count as Sheik.

    • @Aaa-vp6ug says:

      @@jummy0non canon

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