Jimmy Carter arrives for his late wife Rosalynn Carter’s tribute service

Jimmy Carter arrives for his late wife Rosalynn Carter’s tribute service

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and several former first ladies joined Tuesday’s tribute.

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32 Responses

  1. @Ijustwanttofindvotes says:

    A president with a heart for humanity.

  2. @jtret6453 says:

    No matter what your political persuasion, one can’t help but respect Jimmy and Roselynn Carter for their humanity, kindness, selflessness and their incredible contribution to society throughout their lives. If only we all could be more like them in that respect. Imagine what our world would look like.

    • @abutts02 says:

      They were very down to earth people. In Jimmy’s case, he was too good for politics.

    • @tantig5923 says:

      I agree. This is what should be said of any national leader.
      It is not the affiliation that people should remember, but the heart, the fairness and equity for all with the compassion, and integrity to do the best and be the best.
      What you said❤

    • @weswolever7477 says:

      I didn’t think he was a competent president, but he is a decent man

    • @t.martin3179 says:

      ​@weswolever7477 What makes a “competent” president? I don’t think any living person is competent to be President until after their time in office but then term limits prevents them from serving again when they have the skills and experience to be a good President.

  3. @jasminearmstrong2855 says:

    It’s hard seeing him look so frail and alone. He is probably the most pure of heart person to ever occupy the White House. An incredibly good human being.

  4. @rosevale3218 says:

    Rest in peace, Mrs. Carter. Thank you for being an exemplary, First Lady, and serving your country and community.

    • @user-tn8uu2cu8g says:

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  5. @oldude979 says:

    Jimmy and Rosalynn, my heart is breaking. Two people who dedicated THEIR lives making OTHER people’s lives better

  6. @janetpartyka5968 says:

    Mrs. Carter showed her unmistakable love and respect of God, husband, family, this country, and the American people. She was well ahead of her time, focusing on mental health illness services for people. She sat in on cabinet meetings and represented her husband as emissary in Latin American countries. Her humanitarian work around the world is legendary. She did so much more for others in her short time as First Lady. A life well-lived.

  7. @alexanderkingtickle says:

    I think the collective heart of the country shattered when we saw him wheeled out. It certainly broke my own. Bless our 39th President and his family during this horrible time

  8. @fender.tone.63 says:

    This is heartbreaking to watch. They were my President and First Lady as I moved from grade school to high school, and (even as a teenager) I was charmed by their genuine, down-to-earth nature.

  9. @geeeemn5010 says:

    Jimmy and Rosalynn – two absolutely wonderful people. The world needs more people like them! Rest in peace Rosalynn.

    • @karyannfontaine8757 says:

      They were good people who did not fit that devious political mold. I always had respect for their decency and values.

  10. @alvadiel says:

    A great example of love, commitment and service for each other, for the country, and for people. Thank you for this example Mr & Mrs Carter.

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