Why Did You Send THIS To Me?!?

Why Did You Send THIS To Me?!?

RAMMIE x SPONGEBOB PLUSHIES: https://youtooz.com/collections/rammie

Schlatt opens years old PO box packages. Half of these people probably don’t even watch anymore. But hey, at least I got some cookies out of it. I will be Nibbling on them.

My PO Box is CLOSED. These are old packages. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO IT.

Amazing package sent in by ToaLegend: @ToaLegend
Edited by Wheatskins: https://twitter.com/Wheatskins_

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49 Responses

  1. jschlattLIVE says:

    Truly disgusting, that some people would do this horrible thing.

  2. Vandeer1100 says:

    so incredible that Toa put all that together, that guy is super talented

  3. DJ_T says:

    TOA might be the most dedicated sklat fan

  4. Schlagg says:

    This video was demonetized. They are trying to silence nibble. Spread the word

  5. DJ says:

    schlatt collabing with spongebob is like bush collabing with osama

  6. CaliPepper says:

    Okay jokes aside, that custom Bionibble thing is absolutely amazing. Toa’s a freaking legend.

  7. NoneKnows says:

    amazing how schlatt knew he’d perish, so he pre-recorded videos! so smart 🙂

  8. Mastas says:

    ToaLegend is truly a legend holy fuck

  9. Cringe_Gaming says:

    Can we just appreciate how Jschlatt never fails to tear our limbs apart and eat our insides

  10. Notur Business says:

    ToaLegend just delivered the most impressive gift I’ve ever seen. Went above and beyond in both effort and execution.

    The fact that he waited so long to open all this mail makes it so much funnier.

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